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10 Things Måneskin Can't Live Without

There are a few things Italian rock band Måneskin can't live without. From their Yerba Mate Nobleza and bamboo rolling papers to a giant pair of sunglasses and a lucky American two dollar bill, here are Måneskin's essentials. Director: Graham Corrigan Director of Photography: AJ Young Editor: Gerard Zarra Producer: Sam Dennis Production Manager: Andressa Pelachi; Kevin Balash Talent Booker: Lauren Mendoza Camera Operator: Shay Eberle-Gunst Sound Mixer: Gray Thomas-Sowers Production Assistant: Liza Antonova Post Production Supervisor: Rachael Knight Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant Supervising Editor: Rob Lombardi Assistant Editor: Lauren Worona

Released on 11/21/2023



Yeah! Let's go!

[upbeat rock music]

Hey y'all, this is Maneskin.

And these are essentials.

[upbeat rock music]

Okay, let's cover the brand.

This is a box of yerba mate, and this is a bombilla.

And this is two of the three things

that you need to make mate.

We are missing hot water but whatever.

Basically I watch a lot of sport,

mainly football, the real one. [chuckles]

And a lot of South American players,

they're always drinking it.

So I got curious and I found out

that it gives you a lot of energy.

So for me it's very good.

And before the stage I don't drink coffee.

I only drink this.

The grandpa.

Grandpa. [Vic laughs]

[upbeat music]

My second essential is my notebook.

This is where I write basically whatever comes to my mind.

Songs, tattoos, ideas.

I don't write anything with my phone.

I only write down with my handwriting

'cause otherwise my mind tends to erase things.

So if I lose this, I lose my career.

Another song that is not released.

Oh! this is [unintelligible]

No way! Ooh!


This is the first writing of this.

I'm gonna be very quick!

People are gonna screenshot it.

Yeah. Exactly.

My third essential is my grinder

and my king size paper.

You know, for what it is.

I think.

I love this grinder because it's called cheap as fuck.

[group laughs]

I love that.

And I love that because

when I got into the shop I said,

Ah, do you have a grinder?

And the guy was, Yeah, whatever.

What, what type do you want?

And I'm not, like, very fancy on this thing.

So I was like Ah, just the cheapest one.

I don't give a fuck.

And cheap as fuck came.

[Vic laughs]

[upbeat music]

So my first essential are my giant sunglasses.

So I can hide myself when I'm too hungover.

or I don't wanna do makeup before interviews.

Very good to hide yourself,

because you are recognizable.

Like, oh-

Oh, it's perfect. No?

It's like my Hannah Montana wig.

[group laughs]

Actually the pair I use the most,

Damiano broke them at a gig. Ay, ay, ay.

Two weeks ago.

So I couldn't bring my real first use.

I'm sorry.

I don't know.

Like, I took them off on stage and then

somebody put the bag in the car maybe with not enough care.

So I have to-

I don't believe, this is just an excuse.

Yeah, sure.

[upbeat music]

My second essential, but in reality,

my first and most important essential are these gums.

Every time I eat something,

as soon as I'm finished I need a gum.

'Cause otherwise, I don't know, I'd feel bad.

So I always need gums.

This Italian gums and it's the best.

[Damiano] So, so strong.

But it's really ugly if you fall asleep

with them in your mouth because if-

You should never fall asleep

with a gum in your mouth.

It's fucking dangerous.

But you never did?

No, I never.

Really? What?

It's dangerous!

Oh, I've fallen asleep 200 times with a gum.

It's not nice but it happens. [giggles]

[upbeat music]

So my third essential is my $2 bill.

And we got these in a L.A. from the $2 billman,

which we didn't knew existed.

But apparently there is a man in a L.A.

That goes around with a bunch of $2

and gave them to people. Yeah.

He says they bring good luck.

So I've keeping them with me since two years

and I have a big bunch at home

that I give out to the ones who decide.

Well I must admit that the dollars

are swag than the euros.

Swag, yeah.

It's probably because we're grown up

with American movies and, like, dollars are

pretty fascinating for us.

No, and also I always have them

in my cover of my phone, which is transparent.

Always show your money-

Before your persona.

Before your persona. I'm showing my money.

My $2, rich bitch.

[upbeat music]

This is camera, my shitty digital camera

in which I have all the nudes of everyone in this band.

[group laughs]

So it's very precious.

And I could one day sell them on Only Fans.

It's a money machine.

I bought it, like, in a vintage market.

So it came with this.

Actually it's a scam because in Rome,

in Italy, these cameras, they were, like,

five euros, 10 euros.

And the other day I was at the market,

flea market here in L.A. and I go

and it was like exactly the same camera.

I'm like Wow, nice. How much is it? $140.

You can't scam Italians. I'm sorry.


So I've got this from my Italian flea market

and I'll keep it.

We invented that practice.

[giggles] Yeah.

Don't play with us.

So, Ethan it's your turn.

Oh, shit. Sorry.

[upbeat music]

My first essential is this, a little zippo

and it's just lighter, basically.

Why the lighter, though?

Because you never know when you need fire.

[Vic laughs] Sometimes.

So you never know you.

You can't create fire by yourself, right?

So you need a lighter or you need like stones,

but it's pretty hard to find that around.

[Vic laughs]

So this perfect thing to have if you need fire.

Is like...

Now it's not working.

[lighter crackles]

[All] Ooh!

[upbeat music]

My second essential item...

Just gimme 30 seconds

[group giggles]

Ah, Maria, it's about the dirtiest glasses I've ever seen.

Dirty glasses.

When we play, like, on stage

and like in the first line, or the crowd,

everybody's like, you know,

Please can you, you know, like,

can you say hi to me?

And every time I'm like this

because I can't really see anything.

But I actually like use them

when I had to watch T.V. or if I had to drive,

you know, so it's helpful.

God is yes.

Or if you have to look smart, right?

We don't care about being smart, we just wanna be hot.

[group laughs]

My third essential item, my little and cute scrunch.

I usually use it for this, which,

will be very strange to see, like,

first time is very weird, but it's actually very useful

because while we are playing,

I have the pedal that, like, the drum pedal

that goes back and forth

and sometimes it goes inside this.

And so when I kick it, it doesn't sound

because it doesn't kick the the drum hat.

This is why this so important.

Not only for me but for everybody.

So no kick drum, no gig, no kick drum, no party.

So my scrunchy.

No party. [giggles]

[upbeat music]

My first essential.

Thank you, guys.

This is just for the swag, I would say.

[group laughs]

You always wear this.

Yeah, and me and Thomas,

we always have a battle on who is more stylish

and every time we have to go to parties

and stuff, I win.

He always wears this and he's like

Haha, look my suit is better.

So I'm like Okay, but you're cheating

'cause it's the same every time.

No, that's not true.

He always buys a new one.

No. Yeah, the same.

But- [Vic laughs]

No, that's not true. That's not true.

I love of course, like, dress well and stuff like that.

I think that the suits, it's really cool.

And the boots of course, like,

The boots. The star boots.

Actually, like, I think

that the star is the element of Victoria probably.

Because she has lots of stars, like,

[giggles] in the base, right? Yeah.


But you are the star, you know, it's big.

[upbeat music]

Next essential is of course the guitar.

[Vic laughs]

And- In case you didn't know.


[Interviewer] Who are your guitar gods?

Probably Jimmy Page.

Also I love Jimmy Hendrix.

Rischi Blackmore.

I love to write new songs.

Cool Reef in my hotel room,

and a lots of times we wrote some songs, like,

during the tour.

So it's really nice and good.

I think.


[upbeat music]

My last essential is this tiny amplifier.

[Damiano laughs]

It's really cool.

'cause like the problem of course

if I can have like a huge amplifier [giggles]

when we are around, so this is very nice.

One of 5 volts.


Thank you, guys.

Overdrive! Yeah, exactly.

Everything gets done.

Everything gets done.

Let's go!

[guitar screeching]

[group cheering]

Starring: Maneskin

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