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10 Things Olympic Skier Mikaela Shiffrin Can't Live Without

There are a few things American World Cup alpine skier Mikaela Shiffrin can't live without. From a pair of Adidas Superstars and the keys to her Land Rover to a locket she wears that memorializes her late father, here are the two-time Olympic gold medalist's essentials. Director: Graham Corrigan Director of Photography: Grant Bell Editor: Eric Bigman Producer: Sam Dennis Coordinating Producer: Sydney Malone Line Producer: Jen Santos Production Manager: Andressa Pelachi Production Coordinator: Kariesha Kidd; Marquis Wooten Talent Booker: Paige Keffer Camera Operator: Nick Massey Sound Mixer: Kari Barber Production Assistant: William Lott Post Production Supervisor: Rachael Knight Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant Supervising Editor: Rob Lombardi Assistant Editor: Billy Ward

Released on 12/06/2023


Hi, I'm Mikaela Shiffrin,

current World Record holder in Alpine Ski Racing,

and these are My 10 Essentials.

[upbeat trap music]

[computer bleeping]

My first essential item are my sneakers,

[sneakers smacking] my Adidas Superstars.

It's my daily staple in life.

They're like the original cool sneaker,

that's the way I see it.

I mean, kids in school always had them

and I was always like, I want a Superstars,

I want Superstars.

When I got my first pair, I was so excited.

So now I have a closet

that's completely full of them.

It's a perfect everything shoe.

[upbeat music]

[computer bleeping]

My next essential is my pasta.

Barilla is the partner that I started working with,

[Mikaela gasps] I think 11 years ago now.

So it's been a wonderful partnership for many years.

I am an extreme pasta fanatic,

it's a near everyday staple in my life.

And I also have my trusty cap,

which I wear when I'm doing things

or if I have a bad hair day.

A sponsor, a head sponsor,

that's something that can give you

a lot of confidence as an athlete

because everybody's looking for their one main title sponsor

that is really the biggest supporter they have,

and that came early for me.

I'm very thankful for it

and certainly thankful that it's pasta because I love pasta.

[upbeat music] [computer bleeping]

[Cameraman] Help yourself if you want to crack them open.

Thank you, I've been waiting for that.

Pass them around.

Unfortunately not a partner.

Haribo Goldbears are one of

my absolute favorite things in existence.

The flavor, the taste, the gumminess is just...

It's absolutely perfect.

I can toss them to people.

Here, Dozzy, catch.

Oh my god. [glass breaking]

They're better than anything.

Have you ever had them when you put them in the freezer?

[Mikaela groans]

[upbeat music] [computer bleeping]

My trusty Land Rover,

right now I have a Sport which is gorgeous and red.

I need some serious space and I get that with Land Rover.

It's comfortable, the driving experience is great,

it has a space I need, carries all the equipment,

and my personal items as well.

Couple years ago I had one...

I had one addition in Europe

that had massage chair in the front seats

and it was like turn on the seat heater and the massage,

and then drive nine hours

and fully recovered and ready to go for the next race

by the time we get to where we're going.

[calming music] [computer bleeping]

So my next item is my locket necklace

that my brother and sister-in-law got me

for Christmas this winter.

They gave it to me right after

I had actually lost my dad's ring

and it has pictures of my dad in it

and it says, Always with you, love Dad.

I'm not really good taking off jewelry

when I shower or swim or things like that,

but this one I am pretty good about trying

to take good care of it and not get it too wet.

[funk music] [computer bleeping]

So my next essential is my watch, my beautiful Longines.

I love watches with a leather strap

and I don't always wear them

because I do shower and forget to take it off,

and I swim and I forget to take it off.

I think it's something about the look is so cool,

like it's elegant but it's still really cool.

When I'm racing, I normally go

with one of the Conquest series,

Conquest Classic is my go-to

but I tend to switch them out as well.

I love watches, I love accessorizing with them,

I have since I was probably nine.

They're elegant, and classy, and beautiful

and they also have the ability to withstand time

and kind of a lot of...

Actually a lot of thrash that I put them through

with sport and everything that I do.

So yeah, that's been really fun.

[upbeat music] [computer bleeping]

My next essential is my trusty nail kit.

I just really started getting into doing my own nails.

I have a whole thing, I have...

It's not just nail polish, okay people.

I have a UV light, I have my nail drill.

One of these guys is a builder gel.

So you can actually build nail extensions

and you take one of these things, take it like this,

and then you take your builder gel

and you can literally paint on your nail

and then you cure it and paint it on again and cure it,

and then paint on another layer.

And I decided that in the two hours

that I had to get ready before the Time 100 Gala,

I wanted to do my nails

and I didn't wanna just paint them a nice color.

I wanted to build them out,

make them nice, and long, and pretty,

and it took me the entire two hours.

And then 20 minutes after I finished, one of them broke.

Throughout the evening, four more of my nails broke

and I was walking around like this

so people couldn't see my nails.

I was like, Oh my God, this is embarrassing.

This is a room of the most influential people and I'm...

I have like...

My nails are spazzing out.

I don't know what's happening.

Anyway, it's not really the most important problems

in the world that I'm solving with this nail kit

but it is fun nonetheless.

[upbeat music] [computer bleeping]

My next essential is these little bracelets

that I got from a family friend and she makes them

and it has a little evil eye thing there.

She actually took me wake surfing

and brought her daughter who is a big fan

and they gave me the bracelet and I was like,

I'm actually gonna wear this all the time 'cause I love it.

This is just something I never take off.

I can wear it when I'm skiing,

it doesn't bother me 'cause it's so thin in my gloves.

So I do think it has brought me some good luck

over the last year.

[funk music] [computer bleeping]

These are another essential item,

mostly just sunglasses in general

are a must have in my daily life.

And these are just particularly cool.

They're kind of a new style that Oakley's come out with.

So pretty much my whole life in sport revolves around me

covering my face completely with goggles,

or my helmet, or my sunglasses.

We are out in the harsh weather a lot

and I gotta look stylish and I have to be able to see well.

And these are not them, but they're also really cool,

my signature shades, keep an eye out for those.

They're really cool, they have a purple lens,

bright purple, astonishing.

[calming music] [computer bleeping]

So now we have my wallet,

this was given to me by some of my friends

back when we had the Celebration of Life for my dad

and they engraved J.S.S., his initials, onto it

and they were these little leather wallet purse things.

We had the flash drive that filmed

his Celebration of Life in here and so they just...

That was the gift, it was the packaging basically,

for the flash drive but I needed a wallet

and I needed something...

Perfect credit card size

and I decided that's what I was gonna make this into

and it just holds everything I need

and it's straightforward, and the zipper works amazing.

And it reminds me of my dad

and I wrote, love you most on there because I'm cheesy,

but it reminds me of him.

[calming jazz music]

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