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10 Things Boxing Champion Dmitry Bivol Can't Live Without

There are a few things undisputed lightweight champion of the world Dmitry Bivol can't live without. From his training gear and a spike mat to some supplements and a book, here are the boxer's essentials.

Released on 12/20/2023


You know, I'm not thinking about

to have fight against Canelo.

I'm thinking about to have a fight for another belt.

I beat him once and I like my positions.

I'm winner now.

Why I have to wanna fight him again?

[upbeat music]

What's up GQ?

I'm Dmitry Bivol and this is my ten essentials.

[upbeat music continues]

This is my training stuff.

Usually even if I have three, four days trip

I try to take with me my shoes and my clothes for running.

I don't usually take my gloves if I have a short trip

but sometimes if I have a short trip

and my coach with me, [chuckles] I could use my gloves.

But shoes and stuff for running, I take.

I like to make my body sweat, you know.

It's kind of a praying for me.

When I go to the gym and I run

even just 30 minutes, I have a training

and I feel myself much more better.

I feel my mind more clean.

If it possible to run outside

of course I prefer to run around outside.

I like it more because I could see the area where I am.

[upbeat music]

This is one of my watches.

I don't like accessorize at all.

I like only watches.

I never use some bracelets, rings.

Only watch on my body.

I like watches.

[Interviewer] The only accessories you like are watches

and champion belts.

[laughs] Yeah, belts of course.

I don't have a big collection.

I have maybe four or five watches.

This is Hublot.

I don't have a favorite watches,

you know, they're different.

It depends how I'm wearing.

[upbeat music]

This my hair wax. I use it, why?

Because I have a short haircut and just seven days

and my haircut is ruined, you know.

[laughs] To not make new one,

I just use my hair wax, you know,

and it makes me a little bit more fresh

or more, more better.

I don't like spray. I don't like gel. I like this one.

It's like bubble gum, I think.

[laughs] Yeah, the texture, you know.

[Interviewer] Do you style your hair before a fight?

Before a fight?

[Interviewer] Yeah.

Before fight I don't care about my haircut to be honest.

[upbeat music]

I have a vitamin C and I have a melatonin.

I'm taking vitamin C, you know,

sometimes it's just multivitamins or another supplement.

Melatonin it's the tablets which I use a lot.

I travel a lot and time is different.

Just example, I came yesterday here from Dubai

and to get sleep, I, of course I took melatonin.

It's important to be to feel yourself healthy.

It's important to feel yourself that you slept enough,

that you eat the right food,

that you recovering enough, you know?

Because if you are not recovering,

your next day it will be terrible, you know?

[upbeat music]

I like to use this mat.

I think we could put it on the same category

with the vitamin C and the melatonin.

It makes my body more relaxed

before sleep I just use it.

Low back, to my mind, you know.

Of course it's hurt in the beginning.

If you are not relaxed

and you try to lay on this mat, it's hurting you.

You relax your muscles, your body, and it will not hurt you.

This one, it's kind of a highest level. [laughs]

This is sharpest one with the metal needles,

you know, it's like a drug.

My plastic dose it's not make me high anymore.

[laughs] I need to use metal one.

[slow music]

Okay. This is my pen.

Usually I try to have my pen with me

because sometimes you are fighting somewhere

and you need to add some information.

I have my pen, my own pen.

This is my power bank.

I bought it and I like it because I don't need to use cable.

It's magnetic.

And of course my AirPods.

I like to listen to music when I'm flying,

when I'm running somewhere is noise I just use it.

My favorite music is the music of 80s.

To be honest, it reminds me about my childhood.

We have, maybe you don't know this bands,

but on the east they're famous.

It's Modern Talking, Boney M.

Maybe you heard about, but no. [chuckles]

This is my eyedrops.

I usually I wearing it with me

because sometimes I told you about, I'm traveling,

I didn't sleep enough on the plane.

When you travel a lot, my eyes getting red

and this help me to make it more white.

Simple, you know? [laughs]

[upbeat music]

This is my book, which I start reading.

Usually when I go somewhere,

I should have something to read.

This is my new book.

Usually I'm reading from the phone.

Sometimes I just like to read the novels,

and this time I just want to read some psychology.

You know, it's about to be egoistic, you know [laughs]

to think about yourself

and to think about the time when you are now.

Don't grab for your past

and don't think too much about your future.

Try to enjoy the moment when you are staying now

you know, this book, teach these things.

And of course in my boxing trips,

I think this is the main important thing.

It's my team and this is my manager.

His name is Vadim.

Hello Vadim. [laughs]

Couple years ago Vadim was my translator

because I didn't know English well.

He's our brain of our team.

How we should move, what about our plan, our plans,

what about our fights?

All questions to Vadim

and then he will think about it, he will-

Not answer directly.


Thank you GQ for checking my essentials.

See you next time. Bye.

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