The Best Hoodies for Men in 2023

We did the tough job of lazing about in fleece to find the coziest, chillest, joy-sparking-iest sweatshirts money can buy.
23 Best Hoodies for Men in 2023 Plush Pullovers That Look as Good as They Feel
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Before we dive into the best hoodies for men, let's get one thing straight: There’s no such thing as a bad hoodie. If it’s got all the essential ingredients—cozy fabric, roomy hood, long sleeves (sorry, Bill Belichick)—it’s worth your time, in at least some capacity. Even the sloppiest, bleach-stained-iest hoodie around has the ability to take your enjoyment of a Sunday spent lounging on the couch from an 8 to a full-on 10. But some hoodies are better than others, in terms of looks or quality or both. If you’re looking for a new public-facing addition to your hoodie rotation—the kind of sweatshirt that looks as great under a topcoat in winter as it will with shorts and a T-shirt in the spring—we’ve tracked down all the finest options available to you right now. All hoodies are good hoodies, but these 23 are the absolute best hoodies for men.

The Best Hoodies Shopping Guide

What Makes a Quality Hoodie?

There are three basic tenants of a hoodie: soft, warm, durable. Higher up on Maslow's Hoodie Hierarchy, a high quality hoodie should be made of fabric that's dense enough to not see through and have flush, flatlock stitched seams, along with smooth, double-faced hoods that won't rough up your hair. Self-actualized hoodies will use extremely rare loopwheel machines which are famed for their particular knitting style which uses the natural tension of gravity to knit a fabric that's unparalleled density and softness. Additionally, loopwheel fabrics are knit without any side seams which makes them more durable and comfortable.

What Fabrics Should I Look For?

If you're after a really warm hoodie, it's all about the fabric. The warmest hoodies will use thick, heavyweight fabrics which normally start at about 12 ounces, or 400 GSM, and go up from there. Oftentimes, warmer hoodies have a brushed interior which not only provides a lush handfeel, but also better insulation. For even better heat retention, some hoodies use a double-faced fabric, often with some kind of jersey or French terry for the exterior and a waffle-knit thermal fabric for the interior. But hoodies come in more materials than the usual cotton or cotton-poly French terry you're used to seeing. Designers are crafting hoodies from all kind of materials like cashmere, wool, fleece, even super technical performance fabrics, each with their own unique properties and advantages. Regardless of the material, high-quality fabrics use long staple fibers which are both strong and smooth.

Craving more sweats intel? We've got all the cozy recommendations you can handle, whether you're in need of a classic crewneck sweatshirt for everyday wear, a supremely chill pair of sweatpants for lazy Sunday afternoons, truncated sweat shorts for bodega runs or springtime dirtbag style, or even zip-up hoodies for the zeitgeist zaggers among us.

The Best All-Around Hoodie

If you haven't had the chance—or, more accurately, the patience to line up for a chance—to wear a Supreme hoodie, you've been missing out. And we aren't (only) referring to the illusory clout you gain after slipping on a high-caliber grail. We're talking about the hoodie itself: the fleece is dense and weighty, the industrial-strength ribbed panels at the sides and hems deliver a healthy amount of give, the hood is perfectly proportioned. But in the event you just aren't the box logo type, or don't have an extra grand or two to blow on the streetwear resale market, there's another, more accessible way to understand how the hyper half lives. Just over a decade ago, Vancouver's CYC Design Corp—the former manufacturer behind Supreme's superior sweats—launched Reigning Champ, which churns out the same heavy-duty athleticwear minus the thirst-inducing branding and highly limited supply. All the game-raising coziness, zero risk of inciting an actual riot.

The Best Budget Hoodie

Russell Athletic

Dri-Power Pullover Fleece Hoodie

As far as affordable sweats go, it's hard to beat the fleece OGs from Russell Athletic. Would you expect anything less from the brand that actually invented the hoodie? While Russell Athletic sweats have become a vintage grail for hoodie enthusiasts in the past few years (including a few in-the-know celebs), the box-fresh hoodies you'll find today are still just as good, even if they don't come with their own pre-loved patina. They've got the classic V-insert detail at the neck, ribbed hems and cuffs, kangaroo pockets, and drawstring hoods. (And unlike its Champion counterpart, the Russell tag is a little more discreet.) The mid-weight fleece is made of a 50-50 cotton-poly blend with a near-vintage hand and the Dri-Power materials means it'll help wick away moisture, keeping you dry and warm. At just around $20, this is the hoodie to beat if you're on a budget.

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The Best Zip-Up Hoodie


Sweat Full-zip Hoodie

We're well-known fanboys of Uniqlo U, the fashion-forward Uniqlo sub-label headed up by the esteemed Christophe Lemaire. In the midst of all the (deserved) praise, we should remind you that Uniqlo's mainline still slaps—and the full-zip hoodie is among its best products. It's surprisingly well built for a hoodie that costs a very approachable $50, outpacing hoodies that cost more than double. And the silhouette is worthy of the juiciest chef's kiss. It's relaxed but not oversized, precisely cropped for a vintage feel, but not so cropped that it enters Fashion territory. And it's hard to find a hoodie at this price made of 100% cotton, especially cotton that's as soft as this one is.

The Best Hoodie You Already Own


Reverse Weave Pullover Hoodie

Okay, come on: we don't really need to sell you on this one, do we? Champion sweatshirts, like 501s and Chucks, have probably been a fixture in your wardrobe since before you could spell "wardrobe." Instead, let's use this space to reaffirm why they've been worthy of your loyalty all these years. Mainly, it's the construction: way back in the '30s, Champion introduced their patented reverse weave technique, a process that jacks ups the fleece's durability and makes it impervious to shrinking. That one innovation instantly made Champion's sweats the go-to outfitter for every college sports program in the country, and a favorite of Japanese vintage hunters many decades later. They still make 'em the same way, and their hoodies still last damn near forever—and deserve a spot on this list—because of it.

The Best Designer Hoodie

Fear Of God

Eternals Flocked Hoodie

Fear of God's tailoring might've stolen the show in recent collections, but Jerry Lorenzo's signature hoodies—made in the USA out of beefy 23 oz. fleece—are always worth a serious second look. These days, Lorenzo's neutral-toned vision of American luxury fashion encompasses everything from exquisite made-in-Italy suiting to SoCal-drenched slides, but the type of exacting leisurewear he helped popularize remains a house specialty. If you're going to spend an objectively absurd amount of money on a hoodie, it should come from a brand cosigned by laid-back A-listers and tunnel star savants alike.

The Best Gym-Ready Hoodie


Dri-FIT ADV UV Trail Running Hoodie

For a while there, running gear felt as grim as your homie's plantar fasciitis. So Nike ACG, the Swoosh's crunchy-cool sub-label, took it upon itself to enliven the genre, drenching its slinky, UV-blocking sweatshirt in a slew of icy hues. Your runner pals will be impressed with its sun-protecting prowess, but the real coup is how gloriously normal it looks off the track.

The Best Cashmere Hoodie


Cashmere Hoodie

Calibrating your wardrobe for the WFH era is all about finding those Swiss Army garms that look and feel right in the widest possible range of situations. J.Crew's newest hoodie fits that mold perfectly: the ultra-soft Mongolian cashmere is warm but refined like your best business casual sweaters, but it's still, you know, a hoodie. Which means you can wear it on an important Zoom call with a client, out to the dog park for a little fresh air, and then cinch it up on the couch for a long night of The Crown without anyone ever blinking an eye.

The Best Heavyweight Hoodie


232 Cross-knit Heavyweight Hooded Sweatshirt

Camber's shored up a sizable following over the decades, even with months-long lead times that have become par for the course. Though the patience required to get your own Camber hoodie certainly adds to the lore, the proof is in the hoodie. The custom-developed cross-knit fabric is incredibly dense and impressively durable (we're talking decades-long-wear-durable). Not only does Camber produce all of its hoodies in its Pennsylvania factory, the brand does it using US-made materials. Each piece is cut with obsessive craftsmanship by sewers who have been with the company for longer than most people have been at multiple companies. The cross-knit hoodie was originally built off the inspiration of the iconic Champion Reverse Weave hoodie, but time and customer enthusiasm has proven that it has far exceeded its muse. Are there heavier hoodies on this list? Yes. Are there any that do it better? No.

Plus 15 More Hoodies We Love


Reissue Logo Zip Hoodie

There are many versions of a classic hoodie. You’ve got your no-frills gray Champion-types. You’ve got your old-school, throwback cotton hoodies, the kind that Japanese brands reproduce with painstakingly accurate details. And then you’ve got Gap’s iconic arch logo hoodies. Few brands have actually exploded their logo to everlasting success, but the mall brand’s dominance in the 1990s cemented its collegiate-inspired hoodie as a new classic. The cotton-blend hoodie features a zip-front design with kangaroo pockets, smooth face, brushed terry interior, and relaxed fit that pairs so well with some wide-legged pants.

Flint and Tinder

10-Year Pullover Hoodie

Flint and Tinder makes a pretty bold claim calling this the 10-Year hoodie. But with American-made fleece weighing a whopping 23 ounces (literally three times as heavy as some of the other options here), we wouldn't be surprised if you didn't need to re-up a decade from now.


At Ease Hoodie

We really wanted to hate Lululemon's hoodie. Then our torsos made contact with that nubby, eerily breathable cotton blend, and our resolve starting slipping with every stride.

Buck Mason

Loopback Wool Hooded Sweatshirt

Organic cotton and triple-brushed terry hoodies are great and all, but some of the most comfortable hoodies on the market are actually made from wool. Buck Mason’s balanced blend of merino wool and cashmere is proof that the brand is way more than its cotton T-shirts and puts a major portion of the hoodie market on notice. Thanks to the mid-gauge wool yarns and perfectly-cropped length, it feels elevated enough to pair with a blazer avoiding the flimsy hoods that plague most other wool hoodies.


Loose Fit Firm Duck Insulated Flannel-Lined Active Jacket

This may not be what you had in your mental lineup of men’s hoodies, but if your M.O. when it comes the genre is a hard-wearing garment that also happens to be decently cozy, then this is for you. It features Carhartt’s ultra-durable signature duck canvas for the face, insulating fill, and a soft flannel lining. So while the tough outer shell is like a hard candy, it’s got a gooey center that’ll sweeten the deal.


Scarf-Detail Logo-Print Cotton-Jersey Hoodie

Hoodies may have come from humble sportswear origins, but they’ve evolved beyond athletics and into pure aesthetics. And this funky getup from cult Japanese brand Kapital is one of the best examples of men’s Fashion hoodies out there with a built-in scarf laden with vintage-inspired graphics.


Fitz Roy Icon Uprisal Fleece Hoody

If sustainable sweats are more your jam, there are few that do it better than Patagonia. The Fitz Roy hoodie is made entirely of recycled material by blending recycled polyester and cotton to produce a fleece hoodie that’s as sustainable as it is comfortable.


Mix Heather Hoodie

Chamula’s ultra-plush, mega comfy hoodie is hand-knit by Mexican artisans using thick wool yarns and a whole lot of skill and time. It’s thick enough to wear as a standalone jacket, but the loose fit ensures that you can layer up with a mid-weight sweater or puffer vest for extra protection against the biting cold.


Montauk Hooded Sweatshirt

If you’re prone to overheating but love the feel of a heavyweight hoodie, you might want to consider ditching the usual cotton hoodies. And we’re not necessarily suggesting an over-engineered hoodie with insane moisture-wicking tech. Instead, try a naturally-cool fiber like hemp. Jungmaven’s Montauk hoodie is substantial at nearly 10-ounces, but feels significantly cooler thanks to the heavy helping of hemp fibers which help naturally regulate your temperature.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Premium Heavyweight Popover Hoodie

It may come as a surprise to some of you, but spending hours digging through dusty flea markets and grody charity bins in search of the perfectly patinated, sun-faded hoodie isn't most people's idea of a good time. Neither is forking over hundreds of dollars for an artisanal, hand-distressed version. But, friends, Abercrombie has managed to nail the grail vintage hoodie look—fades, silhouette, and all—for less than 100 bucks.


Sur Snap Hoodie

Outerknown's Sur snap hoodie offers a delightful switchup to the usual cotton-poly options that dominate the market. The hemp-cotton blend gives the hoodie a unique texture and heft while retaining a softness and breathability that's perfect for days when it's slightly too warm for the usual poly blends.

Todd Snyder x Champion

Relaxed Hoodie

For years, the relationship between Todd Snyder and Champion has been one of the tightest bonds in the fashion world. And while we still love the first several iterations of the duo's signature sweats and hoodies, this latest version is even better thanks to the more classic, relaxed silhouette.

The Real McCoy's

Double Face After-hooded Sweatshirt

There are few reproduction brands counted in the same sentence as The Real McCoy's. The Japanese brand is notorious for its hardcore obsession with reviving vintage grails, and for the vintage heads out there, its wares may as well be the real thing. This particular hoodie references some of the earliest hoodies in history with its ‘after hood’ detail, a floating hood attached around the crewneck collar. On top of that, TRM uses a custom-knit loopwheel fabric that forgoes the typical sideseams for a seamless finish—and then doubles it for an insane heft.

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"Paxton" Hooded Heavyweight Sweatshirt

Our own Chris Gayomali recently described this hardy, water-repellent joint as being "on the heavier side, so it feels kind of like you're wearing a weighted blanket." Sounds comforting.

Lady White Co.

Super Weighted Hoodie

Lady White Co.'s quest for knitwear greatness has produced, well, some pretty great knitwear. From the fabric to the cutting and sewing, their flagship hoodie is made in Los Angeles and features a beefy 13-ounce fleece that's brushed on the inside for cozy warmth and a dialed-in relaxed fit.