The 11 Best Treadmills on Amazon for Stepping Up Your Exercise

Whether you're just trying to hit 10,000 steps or you're training for a 10K, these treadmills have a lot to offer.
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Your reasons for wanting a treadmill are probably the same reasons you're trying to find the best treadmills on Amazon: convenience and speed. By bringing a treadmill into your home, you can make it easier to get your steps in, train for races, or add some steady-state cardio to your daily routine. There's something satisfying about walking straight off your treadmill and into the shower, even if your legs still have that post-run wobble.

Similarly, Amazon is one of the best places to buy fitness equipment—particularly the big, pricey stuff like treadmills—because ordering one is easy, it'll arrive fast (sometimes within a day or two), and often the higher-end brands will still bring the unit indoors, and even handle setup.

The Best Treadmills on Amazon, at a Glance:

Having recently reviewed the best treadmills overall, we were pleased to see that most of the models are available to all you Prime fanatics. Amazon has top-tier prosumer models (including our favorite treadmill), folding treadmills, smart treadmills, compact under-desk treadmills, and more. The only caveats: Amazon doesn't currently carry either the much-beloved, ultra-luxe Woodway brand of treadmills or Peloton's Tread. There are plenty of options otherwise, though.

We've gathered our favorite treadmills from Bowflex, NordicTrack, Echelon, and more for you below, along with some advice on picking out the right runner for your abode.

How to pick a treadmill on Amazon: A buyer's guide

In our recent review of the best treadmills overall, and as part of the annual GQ Fitness Awards, we've spoken to running coaches and endurance experts on what makes some treadmills better than others. Even if you're not trying to set a new personal record, these features will still make a big difference in your experience. And if your treadmill isn't easy to operate—and easy on your shins, feet, and ankles—then you're not going to keep using it. So, before buying treadmills on Amazon, make sure it checks off the following boxes:

Running Surface Area: The dimensions of a treadmill can be somewhat deceiving, as they list the total width of the machine or bottom surface area. But the actual running track—a.k.a. the “foot deck”—might be significantly narrower. That's why most fitness companies disclose the width and length of their decks. You'll want a running area that's big enough to match your stride.

Smart Features: For athletes that use fitness trackers like the Apple Watch, smart treadmills can sync up with popular workout apps. That makes tracking both your daily workouts and long-term fitness goals that much easier. The ability to play music on Bluetooth speakers or stream workout classes via WiFi doesn't hurt, either. Runners following training programs may want a treadmill that's compatible with a iFit membership, which lets you or a coach upload specific running workouts to the treadmill directly through the iFit app.

Incline/Decline: According to the experts GQ has spoken to, incline features aren't strictly necessary for the typical home runner. Most marathon runners, trail runners, and other competitive athletes will expect that functionality though. For the best possible incline workout, look for treadmills with a 15% incline ability.

Warranty: Treadmills take a lot of abuse, and higher-end models add lots of complicated electronics. Even if you take good care of your treadmill (particularly, lubricating the belt properly at the required intervals), it's likely that one day you'll be talking to a customer support representative (or bot) trying to get help. Consider buying an extended warranty (brands like NordicTrack offer them) if you put lots of miles on your treadmill and want to make sure important parts like the motor and electronics are covered.

The Best Overall Treadmill on Amazon: NordicTrack Commercial Series 1750


Commercial Series 1750

The NordicTrack Commercial Series treadmills come in a few different iterations, but we think the 1750 is the right choice for most households. This is a treadmill for serious athletes and anyone who wants to build a high-quality gym at home. As a smart treadmill, it has a ton of connectivity features, and you can stream thousands of video classes over WiFi, listen to music on the treadmill's Bluetooth speakers, and sync to popular fitness apps. A complimentary 30-day trial to iFit is also included with your purchase (it costs $180 annually for an individual subscription), and you can watch interactive workouts on the built-in 14" touchscreen display. We also appreciate the clean and modern design of this treadmill, which can fold up if necessary.

Users have cautioned that you'll need to pay for the iFit subscription to access a lot of the smart features. And with treadmills this large, assembly and installation can be a pain point. Also, note that NordicTrack voids the warranty if the treadmill is located in your garage—time to reclaim that spare room.

What Amazon reviewers say: “We bought this treadmill as a Cyber Monday deal after agonizing over whether or not to go with a Peloton treadmill…So far, the treadmill itself has met expectations and we love it…I'm able to maintain my fitness instead of sitting on my butt all winter and trying to desperately recover my fitness every spring.”

The Best Incline Treadmill on Amazon: Bowflex T22 Treadmill


T22 treadmill

In a lot of ways, Bowflex's top-of-the-line treadmill beats out the NordicTrack above. The 22" touchscreen is comparatively huge and the incline range is notably broader, which is why it's our favorite for all you hill-running freaks and trail running obsessives. So, why isn't the T22 our numéro uno choice overall? Frankly, it's because we're design snobs, and the Bowflex looks like a Michael Bay Transformer that gets seven seconds of screen time. Not that most folks are setting up their treadmills in the living room, but still: if we're spending the money, we're going to consider aesthetics.

That said, we wouldn't blame you for judging the T22 purely on the merits of its impressive technical capabilities and smart features, which make it the most advanced treadmill on Amazon. (Though check out the GQ Fitness Awards to see what an $11,000 treadmill looks like).

In terms of performance, the T22 has a top speed of 12 miles per hour and 20 resistance levels, as well as a spacious (folding) deck that gives runners plenty of room to maneuver. You can also keep a close eye on your stats and heart-rate thanks to the extra-large screen and Bluetooth armband.

What Amazon reviewers say: “Bought this in April of 2021. Took 2 hours to assemble. Best gym purchase I’ve made. I use it all the time. Dec. of 2022 had a short in a board. Called support and was wow’d. I forgot to register it…They registered it while on the phone. It was connected to my network so they were receiving crash logs. He pulled mine up and trouble shot it.”

The Best Budget Treadmill on Amazon: Sunny Health & Fitness Classic Treadmill

Sunny Health and Fitness

Classic Treadmill with Auto Incline

The prices of our two favorite treadmills on Amazon mean they're for hardcore runners who want the best, and don't mind shelling out to get it. But for treadmill newbies or more casual users, the Sunny Health and Fitness Auto Incline Treadmill checks the right boxes (which explains why it's so popular on Amazon, too).

It's major differentiator from the budget treadmill pack is the automatic incline adjustment: as in, you can use buttons to adjust the angle, even mid-run, rather than manually changing the deck tilt before hopping on. The top speed is a slightly modest 8 mph (a 7:30 min/mile pace)—likely fast enough for anyone not doing HIIT-style sprint training or running distances at close-to-paces.

Of course, at this price, comparing the Sunny to treadmills that cost five times as much is unfair: of course you don't get a big ol' touchscreen display or smart connectivity. The deck size is comparatively cramped, and its not going to feel super sturdy if you're in the vicinity of the 240-pound weight limit.

That said, the Sunny's lil blue LCD screen does let you track all the important numbers (speed, distance, calories burned, and heart rate via a handrail sensor), and basic Bluetooth connectivity means you can take a call or play tunes through the built-in speakers (though it won't sync data to apps like Strava, RunKeeper, Apple Health, etc.). Plus it'll fit nicely in smaller spaces, especially its folding deck.

What Amazon reviewers say: “I’m very happy with this purchase. I’ve had it for about 3 weeks now, and I use it 6 days a week for at least 30 minutes, sometimes walking and sometimes running, depending on mood…They give you enough belt lube for maybe two uses, so I’d recommend buying more to have on hand.”

The Best Mid-Range Treadmill on Amazon: NordicTrack T Series 6.5S Treadmill


T Series 6.5 S Folding Treadmill

We have good news: You don't have to shell out $2,000+ for a NordicTrack treadmill. The brand's gentler-on-the-wallet T Series is one of the highest-reviewed and best-selling treadmills on Amazon, sacrificing tech like a touchscreen and making modest compromises on incline and top speed (the 10 mph max still nets out to a 6:00 min/mile pace). But what sets the NordicTrack apart from the mid-range competition is its beefier motor.

Specifically, the T Series 6.5S has a 3-horsepower motor; the Schwinn below has a 1.9 horsepower motor. Both have the same max speed and incline range. That means the NordicTrack's will be doing less work, and should last longer and/or handle more miles with ease. Notably, the NordicTrack is a heavier machine—200 pounds versus the Schwinn's 155. Integrated hydraulic lifts make folding the deck easy, but it's still a heftier machine if you're planning to roll and stow your treadmill often.

Oh, and it's worth noting that NordicTrack has discontinued the entire T Series line, including this model. That won't affect the warranty, but it does mean that once Amazon sells out, the most affordable NordicTrack model will be the brand's EXP line, which starts above $1,000 and isn't currently sold on Amazon.

What Amazon reviewers say: "From the moment I stepped onto the NordicTrack T Series 6.5S, I knew I was in for an exceptional experience. This treadmill is a testament to quality craftsmanship, boasting a sturdy build that exudes durability and reliability. The powerful motor ensures smooth and consistent performance, providing a seamless and enjoyable workout session.”

The Other Best Mid-Range Treadmill on Amazon: Schwinn 810 Treadmill


810 treadmill

Schwinn is no longer the just bike brand your Grandpa waxes poetic about, but a full-fledged home gym equipment operation with some solid, mid-range stationary bikes and treadmills. The 810 treadmill has been around a while, but hits the company bullseye. Performance-wise, it almost perfectly matches the NordicTrack T Series 6.5S above, offering the same size deck, top speed, and incline range.

Also nice: a built-in fan and a running deck that's cushioned enough to keep your feet and knees from barking—a blessing for long-distance runners racking up miles. Like we mentioned above, its motor is weaker than the NordicTrack's—which may not be an issue if you're racking up 50+ mile weeks.

A major point in the Schwinn's favor is how well it syncs with Bowflex's Explore the World fitness app (Bowflex owns Schwinn fitness, hence the crossover branding). You'll need to BYO iPad or phone, but it offers programmed runs from around the world, with the video automatically adjusting to your speed.

What Amazon reviewers say: “The treadmill is HIGH quality. It’s quiet, has a fan, has a USB port, has automatic incline, good cushioning. Have not used the speakers. Good storage for drink, phone, remote. The shelf for your iPad is above the screen which is great because you can see all your data while you workout.”

The Best Under-$2,000 Treadmill on Amazon: Proform Pro 2000 Smart Treadmill


Pro 2000 Smart Treadmill

Stepping one more rung up the ladder for the best treadmills on Amazon takes us to the Pro-Form Pro 2000. The repetition of “Pro” isn't a gimmick: like a treadmill at a high-end gym, it brings a nicely-sized running deck with enough length for taller runners or those with long strides, a 12 mph top speed, a full-color 10" touchscreen, and iFit integration (with a free 30-day trial before you have to subscribe).

When it's time to stretch out and work on your yoga poses or crunches, users can easily fold up this treadmill for extra legroom. As you run, you can easily adjust the speed and incline with the push of a button, just like you're used to doing at the gym.

What Amazon reviewers say: “Love this treadmill! If you’re going to buy one get one that inclines and declines because you will get a real work out experience! I would suggest to get good thick padding under it because it’s heavy, I have the thick one under mine to keep my carpet healthy.”

The Best Compact Treadmill on Amazon: Echelon Stride Treadmill


Stride treadmill

There's a reason we put an Echelon product in our guide to the best exercise bikes. The brand's made a name for itself in the crowded home fitness market with reasonably priced, thoughtfully-designed fitness equipment, and the Stride treadmill hits the mark nicely.

It's attractive—at least, as attractive as a treadmill can be—and unlike most treadmills, doesn't require any DIY assembly. For a couple hundred bucks more than our mid-range favorites, you get an unusually high max-speed-to-dollars ratio. What you don't get, at all, is a screen. The console has some basic (and kinda cool-looking) LCD-clock-style displays of speed and incline—but for a full readout, you're meant to plug a tablet into the machine using the USB port and sync with Echelon's app. That requires a subscription after the 30-trial.

The Stride's real killer app, though, is how easily—and compactly—it folds. Because the tread deck and the console collapse, the final package is just 10.25 inches thick. It can stand flat against a wall or potentially slide under a bed, which makes the Stride a real space-saver in a small room or an apartment.

What Amazon reviewers say: “I love that I can fold it away! I love how it looks and I love that I get a great workout. It's not bad quality, It's pretty good material. It's still fast and the Incline is good enough. I've been using the I-fit app with my TV up close and I'm digging it.”

The Best Walking Pad Treadmill on Amazon: Sperax Walking Under-Desk Treadmill


Walking Pad-Under Desk Treadmill

You can't go more than three thumb-flicks into fitstagram without someone hyping up the doing steady-state cardio with an under-desk treadmill, a.k.a., a walking pad. Paired with a standing desk, they're pitched as a health hack for those of us looking to squeeze in some steps or who've seen our work commutes disappear (or maybe never had one in the first place).

Since speed and incline aren't really the name of the game here, a good under-desk treadmill is really a function of having a solid build, slim design, smooth operation. Sperax hits all those marks with ease. The 6.2-mph top speed (a 9:41 min/mile pace) is really more of a jog, and more than enough to prove just how fit you can get from walking. You can flip down the handlebar (which has remote controls) to fit the Sperax under a desk, though that limits the speed to 3.8 mph.

What Amazon reviewers say: “Whisper-quiet: I was pleasantly surprised by how quiet this treadmill is. I can walk and work without any distracting noise, making it ideal for conference calls or focused work.”

The Best Walking Treadmill on Amazon: Urevo Foldable Treadmill with Auto Incline


Foldable Treadmill with Auto Incline

Urevo makes some of the most popular under-desk folding treadmills in the world, and now they're dominating Amazon, too. As a true walking treadmill, the max speed is just 4 mph—but the automatic incline feature (itself a rarity in this category) will dial up the intensity if you're looking to sweat, and lets you try the TikTok-famous 12-3-30 workout.

A handheld remote control lets you control everything without stooping down, which is nice. And the

Keep in mind that like most walking pads, the Urevo has a narrow foot deck. We're not sure how wide, because Urevo doesn't list the exact width—but given the treadmill itself is only 22-inches wide, those with balance issues might want to look elsewhere.

What Amazon reviewers say: “I have a very small apartment, so small that I just have a loveseat rather than a full sized couch. I need to keep my steps up in a rainy PNW winter, and decided to give this a try. It folds up flat enough that I can slide it right under my loveseat! This was the only affordable treadmill I could find that had an incline setting, and it automatically inclines with a button press, no manual adjustments.”