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Make Reacher Your Holiday Binge

Gifts wrapped? Stockings hung? Great. You've got time to go on a Dad TV bender with airport-novel legend Jack Reacher, master detective and big galoot. 'Tis the season—for vengeance!

Here's What People Actually Watch on Netflix, According to Netflix

Embracing transparency like never before, the streamer has dropped the first in a series of biannual reports on what Netflix users chilled in front of during the first 6 months of this year. Here's what's in it.

After Saltburn, Ten More Creepy-Old-House Films to Keep That Gothic Vibe Going

Close the shades and pretend your apartment is a haunted pile in the English countryside where the vibes have been off for hundreds of years.

This Was the Year Killer Mike Came Home

At an age when many rappers start running out of gas, the man born Michael Render formed Run the Jewels with El-P and became an unlikely hip-hop superhero. With this year's Michael, his first solo album in over a decade, he tapped back into his ATLien roots with songs steeped in gospel and Southern soul. “I wanted to prove, like Serena Williams, I'm good in doubles or singles,” he says. “I came for the trophy.”

How Did Nu Metal Become the Hottest Thing in Fashion?

Korn has a sold-out Adidas collab. Marc Jacobs linked with Deftones for an entire collection. Somehow, the most reviled subgenre of the 2000s has found its way onto designer moodboards everywhere.

Ryan Gosling's I'm Just Ken EP is Arguably Unnecessary, Yet Thoroughly Delightful

There is currently no Academy Award for “deepest commitment to the bit,” but the Baby Goose appears to be campaigning for it anyway.

Mr. Monk's Last Case: A Monk Movie Is the Nostalgic Reunion We Need

Monk creator Andy Breckman talks to GQ about getting the band back together, what makes Tony Shalhoub so great, and the other Monk movie that almost was.

Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley Has Been on One Hell of a Ride

In an intimate, wide-ranging conversation, the veteran rocker opens up to GQ about nearly dying from COVID in September, what it was like dating Paris Hilton and Avril Lavigne, and why Sum 41 is breaking up after three raucous decades.

Danny DeVito Has Never Heard the Term “Short King”

A long conversation with the legend about returning to the stage, being in a grandpa chat with Bruce Springsteen, and working with Arnold Schwarzenegger again.

Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste on Burnout and His Second Act as a Therapist

“It’s nice to know that I'm doing something where my success isn't linked to public perception.”

Timothée Chalamet Is GQ’s Most Stylish Man of the Year, as Voted by You

The Wonka star capped off a rollicking year of red-carpet mastery with a major W.

Andrew Haigh, One of Our Best Filmmakers, Has Always Worked Under the Radar. That Changes With ‘All of Us Strangers’

The King of Sad Boy Cinema returns with a deeply personal film about love, loss, queer trauma and the power of a great pop song.

Hotel TV Hits Different

It just does. Even if it’s bad—sometimes especially if it’s bad—hotel TV is a friend you can count on, and asks almost nothing of you in return. An ode to the must-half-watch shows that make even holiday travel worth enduring.

Michael Mann's First Great Biopic Found the Michael Mann Man in Muhammad Ali

In this month's Ferrari, the legendary director tells the true story of a high-achieving man with a complicated life outside his sport. It's a return to territory Mann previously explored with Will Smith in 2001's Ali, an underappreciated take on the American-icon biopic that now looks sharper than ever.

This Was the Year Massachusetts Was (Almost) Ready For Its Closeup

A year's worth of Bay State-set dramas, comedies, and even an ironic slasher film explored the repressed emotions of a state built to contain them.

‘Iron Claw’ and the Dallas Only the Dead Know

How the tragic saga of the doomed Von Erich clan—the inspiration for A24's new wrestling drama—mirrors the story of Dallas, a boom town that can't grow fast enough to shake the ghosts of its past.

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell Shine in ‘Anyone But You,’ a Rom-Com in Which the Com's as Strong as the Rom

A surplus of hotness doesn't sink this winning riff on Much Ado About Nothing.

Nine Actors Who’ve Played Pro Wrestlers, Ranked by Acting and Wrestling Ability

As Zac Efron and Jeremy Allen White’s The Iron Claw climbs into the Oscar-season ring, we’re breaking down the best and worst performances in the only acting category where it makes sense to compare Oliver Platt, Alison Brie, and Mickey Rourke.

This Was the Year Gay Sex Onscreen Got Really Good

From streaming sensations like Red, White & Royal Blue to prestige films like All of Us Strangers, gay intimacy was suddenly everywhere on film and TV this year.

Doom Comes to Marvel? With Jonathan Majors Officially Out as the MCU's Kang, Many Alternate Futures are On the Table

Casting a new Kang will be hard. Building up a certain classic Fantastic Four antagonist as the Big Bad for the next Avengers films might be even harder. Let's consider Marvel's options.

This Was the Year Gary Oldman Embraced His Inner Crank

In the third season of AppleTV+'s Slow Horses and his Presidential cameo in Oppenheimer, Oldman let his nastiness off its leash, to delightful effect.

The Biebers Cap Off a Year of Sublime Fits with Another Stylish Outing

Hollywood’s reigning baggy jeans BF, precise athleisure GF strike again.

Tim Heidecker's Top Five Favorite Things of 2023, Including the Movie He Knew He Was Going to Love Because People Hated It

The Office Hours Live host picks his films, song, podcast and novel of the year.

This Was the Year Emma Stone Could Do Anything, and Did

She was already an Oscar-winning actor, but in 2023, Stone brought her talent and her clout to risky, unique projects, taking big swings and connecting every time.

This Was the Year Jenna Lyons Brought Real Style to Reality TV

The former J.Crew president redefined Real Housewives and gave us something worth aspiring to again.

The Three Musketeers: D'Artagnan Is the Very French, Under-the-Radar Action Movie You Need to See

Vincent Cassel, Eva Green, and more star in a legitimately thrilling new take on an old classic.

'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Ending: Larry David Bids Farewell to “Larry David,” and a Nation Mourns

Goodnight, sweet misanthrope! The upcoming season of the iconic HBO series will be its last.

Andre Braugher Never Stopped Growing

From the stage to Homicide to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the actor kept adding new dimensions to his screen persona. His death at 61 leaves us wondering where he would have gone from here.

Amy Sedaris' Top Five Favorite Things of 2023, Including the Documentary That Sent Her Down a George Michael Rabbit-Hole

Bonus: Four additional things, because choosing five is impossible.

Bowen Yang's Favorite Video-Game Things of 2023, Including the Vampire-Elf That Made Every Gamer Think, “I Can Fix Him”

The Saturday Night Live star reveals the outer-borough representation, fantasy F-bombs, and emotional endings that defined his year in gaming.