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Jeweler Breaks Down The Most Expensive Celebrity Watches

Moses the Jeweler is back to critique some of the craziest celebrity watches. From Travis Scott's $750K white gold Patek Philippe to John Mayer's one-of-a-kind Royal Oak Audemars Piguet, Moses the Jeweler breaks down the celebrity watches that broke the bank.

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Released on 11/30/2023


Yo yo.

What's up GQ?

It's Moses the Jeweler,

and I'm back to break down some crazy celebrity watches.

[upbeat smooth music]

We have Bad Bunny wearing a white gold

Audemars Piguet 39 millimeters.

This is with the chronograph

and old factory jump set diamonds.

I know Drake has one of these in his collection too.

I saw him sporting this one time.

Very rare, very different.

As you see in the sub dials also,

you have three different colors of pearl.

The way the light hits it,

if you see this watch in person, which I have seen it,

it's gorgeous.

Retail, I would have to assume

probably around like 140, 150,000.

I do know it's a discontinued piece.

At secondary market, you're paying well over 200.

To flood out this whole thing and make it look like this,

they used to do it a lot for the ladies.

Now it became really popular with the men.

Men wanna bling, you know what I'm saying?

Same thing with the hip hop jewelry.

Back in the nineties,

most people were wearing the plain gold

and now everyone diamonds, diamonds, diamonds,

they wanna be flooded up.

[upbeat hip hop music]

Over here we have Travis Scott wearing something crazy.

This is a 5719, which is done in white gold.

As I said before, Patek Philippe, they're setting diamonds.

They're using the best quality, the highest quality.

And for a rapper of this caliber, he wants a factory.

So over here, he's rocking that on stage.

So a superstar piece.

This one will run you around $750,000.

It's a crazy bezel

and I love the contrast between the round cut diamonds

and the baguette cuts in the center.

It's like, again, such a different shine,

different pop from every area.

They did an incredible job with this one.

It's a light show, it's a light show.

I've seen this one in person.

I was gonna pull out my credit card and keep it for myself,

but it's gonna run me too much.

But the way that this thing shines,

you're gonna need sunglasses.

It's crazy.

[upbeat hip hop music]

Right here we got Maluma rocking a

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Skeleton.

One of my dream pieces.

This is a reference 15412 BC.

So over here you have like three

of the best things in the world.

We got here the openwork,

which of course AP is famously known for.

And we got the rainbow bezel,

which AP chooses the finest quality gems

for their rainbow bezel.

And then we got the Florentine finish,

As they like to say, the frosted finish, on the band.

And the amount of work and time

that goes into creating a piece like this, incredible.

And AP does it best.

And this is why a piece like this is gonna cost you

over half a million dollars for your collection.

[upbeat hip hop music]

Since retirement, Tom Brady's been going crazy.

This Patek Philippe, it goes for a retail price of $108,000.

And on the secondary market,

they're looking at closer to $250,000 range right now.

This is an incredible piece, an incredibly rare piece,

and a piece that has a big demand.

At the top of its market,

I was seeing them even close to 400,000.

This is a Daytona reference, 6241 in solid yellow gold.

It's something very rare over here.

As you actually see this Daytona in a Jubilee band,

which you don't see.

I wish Rolex were to bring it back.

This is an extremely iconic piece, classic piece.

This definitely costed him a pretty penny.

If I'd have to assume, I'd say something like this

is like half a million dollars on the market.

Daytona's became popular once Paul Newman sported it

back in the late sixties, early seventies.

This Daytona is the iconic look.

This is the one that made all these Daytona's hot

and going for a crazy special premium.

It's recognizable right away because of its dial.

You have the three sub dials in the center

and whenever you see the Rolex silhouette

with that dial, automatic Daytona.

But here we got Tom Brady wearing

probably the most controversial piece of the year.

This is the Rolex Day-Date 36 millimeter

with the puzzle dial.

So it's funny with the Day and Date, you have a function.

I'll take off my watch and show the people.

With the Day-Date you have the function

in order to read the day and the date on its dial.

And on this piece, Rolex, first of all,

they switched out the day and the date

for emojis as the date function

and for the day they had different sayings,

like love and so on.

A lot of people said that Rolex went off

of their classic look when they created this

and some people were against it.

Me personally, I love it.

It kinda shows no limits in this world.

It kinda shows that you gotta push the boundary, you know?

It was for a good cause, it was for children with autism.

So they went really colorful with this.

I'm a big fan of this one.

Super limited, it was an off catalog piece.

I do believe the retail was around 58,000 for this.

They were fetching a high retail for it.

Resale's gonna be crazy.

So over here, you got the date window and the day window,

which makes it a Day-Date of course.

[upbeat hip hop music]

Over here we got Ed Sheeran wearing a crazy

AP Royal Oak concept Spider-Man.

This is an AP concept silhouette,

which has a different silhouette than your average AP,

which has that octagonal shape,

this one has a little more curvature.

And this one is actually done in titanium

with a black ceramic bezel and a black ceramic crown.

Marvel actually collaborated with AP

in order to create two different versions.

They created a Black Panther

and over here you have the Spider-Man,

which is, we call this big boy toys.

It's not your Spider-Man

that came in a happy meal as we say.

This is one that costs at around $215,000 price range,

that all the money did go for a charity.

Something like this,

especially when it's numbered in crazy high demand,

minimal two times over the retail value, which was 215.

So something like this could set you back

at least half a million.

And in a really up market,

some people even pay up to a million dollars

for a piece like this.

So over here we have John Mayer and Ed Sheeran

wearing the same watches on stage together,

which makes 'em around 1% of the collectors in the world.

When you have 250 pieces,

two of them are right next to each other,

which is pretty awesome to see.

And of course, big shout out to John Mayer, crazy collector.

Ed Sheeran had to show him

that he can go head to head with him.

[upbeat hip hop music]

We have John Mayer wearing a Royal Oak in yellow gold.

This one's actually a 37 millimeter.

This is a reference 15550BA.

I'm a little jealous looking at this one.

This is a piece that I actually wanted

to add to my own collection.

I'm still looking for it.

The special thing about this watch is the dial.

It's insanity.

So every turquoise dial is actually cut from

a specific turquoise stone, so no dial is gonna be the same.

You have different veins and different marble

in every single one.

Which makes every single piece extremely unique.

This is why AP makes such a limited amount,

'cause they're very hard to make.

Something like this right now in the secondary market,

people will probably pay upward

of like 170, 180,000 US dollars.

When you're buying a watch like this,

you're also buying into the company of AP itself

and you're buying their best stock basically.

So when you have a watch like this

and you believe in AP,

then something like this will only go up up in value.

I see it doubling to even tripling in value

in the next 5 to 10 years.

Here we have Steve Harvey rocking a rose gold RM 65 01.

I love that rose gold in an RM.

It's sleek, it's clean.

Every time you look deep into it,

you find something else, and something else,

and something else.

And it's like, this is what makes Richard Mill Richard Mill.

[upbeat hip hop music]

We got Messi rocking here a Patek Philippe Calatrava.

When you hear Calatrava, you think very classic old man.

But we see him rocking it on a nice sporty band,

which kind of gives it that modern look.

You have the baby blue hand with the baby blue stitching.

Classic, clean piece.

And something that is not gonna break your bank

if you want go into Patek.

The retail on this piece was around 35,000.

And on the secondary market,

you're gonna probably pay around 45 to 48,000.

So you're not paying a crazy premium

to own a nice Patek Philippe

that you even see stars like Lionel Messi rocking.

Light piece.

Messi said,

lemme throw out my white T-shirt and my $50,000 Patek.

[upbeat hip hop music]

Right away we got Jacob Elordi

wearing a very clean black suit.

Looks like he's at a red carpet event.

He went with a Cartier Tank Normale in 18 karat yellow gold.

He went with a very classic piece.

Smaller face but sometimes big doesn't mean special.

Sometimes small means special also.

Something like this, it shouldn't break the bank.

Between 8 and 15,000 range,

depending on condition and year and stuff like that.

It's something not so hard to get.

But also you're not gonna see every watch collector

have this in their collection.

If you don't wanna be so showy,

you're gonna rock something like this.

Something that has a statement of course 'cause the gold,

but not big, not loud,

and then the black leather of course,

kind of makes it more subdued.

[upbeat hip hop music]

AP Royal Oak 41 millimeter.

This one he's rocking with the chronograph.

So you have two different options.

You have the chrono and the non-chrono.

Chrono's gonna cost you a little bit extra dollars

because of the functionality.

Again, classic piece, clean, sleek, rich.

Dress it up, dress it down.

Talks for itself.

This is basically the same watch

that we do see Simu Liu rocking,

but this one is in a 39 millimeter case size.

Same silhouette but of course

a different look in the center of the dial.

This one's a little more busy, as we say.

[upbeat hip hop music]

Over here we got Chris Paul,

rocking a yellow gold Vacheron 222.

I love those numbers, it's good luck.

He's sporting it right next to a nice Van Cleef,

which I also like.

Me as a jeweler, that's where my eye goes to.

Again, very classic look.

Vacheron is also one of the best at what they do.

Different style, different look.

Chris Paul said,

everyone's rocking the Rollies and the APs,

lemme throw on a nice yellow gold Vacheron.

Stand out a little, be a little different.

And it's a different band.

You know every watch is famous for the band that they do.

Just like when we have AP

and you see this band, you automatically know AP.

When you see sound like this,

when you see this band,

you automatically think presidential Day-Date.

So over here, Vacheron did their own style,

their own take on it.

If it catches as good as this,

the price will definitely go up.

We got Brad Pitt rocking the same Vacheron over here.

I think he saw Chris Paul rocking it,

he said, you know what? I want one also.

That's the influence that these celebrities have.

You know, you see one rock it,

they could change the market for any watch at any time.

[upbeat hip hop music]

Over here we got Ice Spice rocking a RM 05,

some diamonds on it.

I like the combo she has over here.

We got the white strap with the solid rose gold,

and then you got those white diamonds hidden.

It looks to me like it is a custom job on the RM.

It looks like the diamonds were added after,

this isn't factory diamond set.

But it's still a gorgeous job.

The diamonds are shining.

This is almost like the starter RM they call it.

This one is not the one that's gonna break the bank

and cost you many hundred thousands.

This one, you're probably gonna be paying around

a hundred thousand to 150,000.

This is the RM 05,

it's like the starter piece to get in,

which will run you close to six figures.

If you're looking to buy a watch that's covered in diamonds,

I would buy a factory if you're looking to hold its value.

This is something that the company stands behind.

You can always go and get your watch serviced by Rolex, AP,

if they did set the diamonds.

This is something that's very rare,

very hard to come across,

and everyone knows the rules of supply and demand.

The demand gets bigger, the supply becomes smaller,

price goes up.

Thank you guys, thank you GQ for having me.

I'll see you guys next time.

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