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GloRilla Shows Off Her Insane Jewelry Collection | On the Rocks

GloRilla shows off her entire jewelry collection. From her pink GloRilla pendant by jeweler Jimmy Boi to her Big Glo diamond chain pendant given to her by Yo Gotti, the Memphis rapper shares her favorites pieces and more.

Director: Arielle Neblett
Director of Photography: Zach Eisen
Editor: Gerard Zarra
Talent: GloRilla
Associate Producer: Chris Sechler
Production Manager: James Pipitone
Production Coordinator: Jamal Colvin
Talent Booker: Dana Mathews; Meredith Judkins
Camera Operator: Mar
Gaffer: David Djaco
Sound Mixer: Michael Guggino
Production Assistant: Zayna Allen; Ziyne Abdo
Post Production Supervisor: Rachael Knight
Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant
Supervising Editor: Rob Lombardi
Assistant Editor: Andy Morell
Special Thanks: Millennial Nails
Filmed on Location at Hotel Chelsea

Released on 12/13/2023


[Glo shivers]

I almost couldn't fit in this.

You know I'm thick as a mother[censored].

[Glo laughs]

[upbeat hip-hop music plays]

Hey, what's up GQ?

It's ya girl Big Glo, and this is On The Rocks.

[hip-hop music continues]

JimmyBoi gave me this.

Shortly after I blew up, he had wanted to make me a piece,

and so we had came together on the concept.

Pink was kinda girly. Even though red my favorite color,

I wanted to, you know, be girly a lil' bit.

So whenever I wear pink I wear this,

but I don't never wear this because [laughs]

I don't never got on pink and I don't want it to clash

with all the colors.

We got the gorilla right here on the O.

I got the name GloRilla from my cousin,

'cause at first I was just goin' by Big Glo,

because my name Glo.

When he first said it, I'm like, that sound kinda weird.

But I went ahead and went with it,

and that's how Glo really came about.

I gotta brush his teeth on here,

these motherfucka dingy.

[upbeat hip-hop music]

The CMG pendant came from when I first got signed to CMG.

Gotti gave me this joint.

When I first got the CMG piece,

I'm from Memphis, and so, like,

to have one of these was kinda like a gold,

like, a trophy.

When you got this, it's just, like, you made it.

Once you got the CMG joint, the biggest label in Memphis,

I was just so excited, I'm like Ah!

Like, I took so many pictures and videos.

I think the person on my label

with the most jewelry is Gotti, 'cause Bagg got a lot, too,

but I think Gotti got the most jewelry.

[upbeat hip-hop music plays]

YWR. This the only one of these pendants on this table

that I bought. No, I bought that one, too.

[Glo laughs]

This mean young, wealthy, and ratchet.

This me and all my friends, 'cause we young, we wealthy,

and we ratchet.

And, you know, they was makin' fun of me

when I had first blew up for being ratchet,

so, you know, I was just embracing it.

And this was at least 20,000,

but I don't remember exactly how much it was.

I just bought it 'cause I wanted it.

I don't like spendin' that much money, so it was-

it hurt in my heart, but I wanted it.

And I got all my friends, they got some just like this,

but theirs' smaller.

Our whole gang got YWR pendants.

The Bread Gang piece I got from Bagg.

All the boys got brown, I think,

and he gave me one with the pink

because I'm the [indistinct] girls.

He came on my set in D.C..

He had popped out and performed our song On Wat U On,

and he had gave me this key, said he was proud of me.

So, shout-out to Bagg.

This is my new baby,

this the newest piece of jewelry I have.

I got this right before I went on my international tour,

and I just wanted something, like,

when I don't wanna be extra

or we outta big Cubans and everything.

And the pendant say Hallelujah,

'cause, you know, that's my middle name.

And I got this three-toned.

Like, I like this 'cause it three-toned.

Rose gold, gold, and white.

My friend had picked it up for me,

and when I got home it was just on my bed, I was like,

Oh my god, it's so cute!

The Big Glo piece, Gotti gave me this.

I had performed at the AMAs,

and I was nominated for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist.

After the performance and after the awards,

we had our after party, and he just gave me this.

Shout out to Gotti, mane. Gotti gonna keep me icin'.

Every award show I ever performed at, I'm super nervous.

It's on TV, and all the celebrities just lookin' at me

in the crowd. I be so nervous!

But it was cool, though. That was one of the ones I liked.

And then, you know, Cardi B popped out on that set,

so we had fun together.

[upbeat hip-hop music plays]

Gloss gave me this. This is a best friend bracelet.

It say Glo and Gloss,

and it say Best Friends for Life right here.

So, some best friend bracelets.

I just all four of these at the same time.

I got that one, this one, this one, and this one.

Yeah, he be chargin' me at least 5,500 for each one.

And this Cuban I got on two-toned, too,

like, this rose gold and white,

so I'm like I gotta get some two-toned bracelets.

[upbeat hip-hop music plays]

These my favorite set of rings to wear, the Big Glo.

5,500 for each ring,

and so that was a lot of money to me, like.

I actually went six months, like, I ain't buy no new jewelry

until, like, last month.

I bought my friend one of these for her birthday last month,

and I just got one, too, 'cause I liked it.

He gave me this one for free.

When I bought all these, he knew I paid a lot of money,

so he gave me this gorilla for free.

Cross was gifted to me.

I am a Christian, and I believe in Jesus.

I just like to wear it on me.

[zipper unzipping]

JimmyBoi did these grills for me.

Shout out JimmyBoi.

Wafi and JimmyBoi my favorite two people

to get jewelry from.

I gotta get 'em fitted. I don't wear 'em right now

because they kinda big.

My mouth be lookin' real big when I put 'em in,

and I already talk with my mouth closed.

[Glo laughs]

Big teeth don't make it no better.

I never had grills before, so I don't know if grills

supposed to automatically feel weird.

I used to put aluminum foil in my mouth.

[Producer] Me too! [Glo laughs]

[mellow music plays]

[music ends]

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