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10 Things UFC Fighter Paddy Pimblett Can't Live Without

There are a few things UFC fighter Paddy "The Baddy" Pimblett can't live without. From Liverpool F.C. and the YouTube mobile app to his wife Laura and dog Lenny, here are the lightweight fighter's essentials.

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Released on 12/13/2023


What's happening, people?

I'm Paddy The Baddy and this is my essentials.

[slow beat music]

I can't live without music.

Anyone that comes in the gym will tell you that.

You know what I mean, every single session it gets us going.

And then, that's the same for me when I'm riding my bike

or I'm out jogging.

I have to have some music on to keep the blood flowing.

Look, I always play the same playlist when I'm in the gym.

Like a Mobb Deep and Biggie and Tupac and that.

But then it's got like your Stormzys, your Meeks,

your new people involved.

But lately, I'm hooked on the Arctic Monkeys

since Glastonbury, to be honest.

I get asked this quite a lot.

If there's one album

that you could get everyone to listen to,

what would it be then?

Everyone expects me to say like a more recent one,

but I think this album came out before I was even born.

Nas, Ilmatic.

I can listen to every song on that album,

right after another without skipping one.

[upbeat whistling sounds]

And the next essential item, it's quite funny,

because when I told people I was doing this,

they turned around and said,

Your phone best be on that list.

This phone might as well be glued to my hand.

I'm terrible for it, you know what I mean?

People always say,

Just put your phone down, speak to me.

Sometimes I'm just.

Yeah, YouTube probably is one of the most watched things

on my phone, to be honest.

That is, a lot of screen time is on there.

As we're talking, a comment's just come up

on my YouTube right away.

It's a notification.

Most used apps on my phone, I'll probably say,



Definitely, WhatsApp as I'm speaking to everyone.

My WHOOP band app.

The weather.

I'm always using the weather on there.

And I'm always co-pilot in the car as well

so Google Maps is always one, what gets used on my phone.

Even though I get told I'm the worst co-pilot in the world.

[sad trumpet playing]

[slow beat music]

As I said, I'm lucky enough to be born

on the red side of the Liverpool

because I've had some happy memories

and some of the best days of my life

going to watch Liverpool.

Where, if you're born on the blue side,

you're pretty depressed.

Well yeah, you don't get to decide if you,

what you, who you support, you know what I mean?

It's whoever your, your dad supports.

Simple as that, basically.

I really don't think many people in my city,

whether you're a blue or a red,

could live without our football teams.

[upbeat music]

Anyone that knows me, will tell you,

I am pretty addicted to this game,

and it is, Football Manager.

You're a manager of a football team.

You go any team you want.

Obviously, when I first made one, I always go Liverpool.

I back my own.

Up the Reds.

I play this every day without fail.

Like in the car journey on the way to the gym this morning,

I was playing this.

My game time on this is 37 days, 15 hours and 17 minutes.

That's just one save.

That's how sad my life is at times.

When you're in fight camp and you've got nothing else to do,

it does proper out past time.

I don't really play any other games.

I don't need to.

I've got footy manager.

[upbeat music]

This fella right here.

He's like two and a half now.

And he's basically our son.

Like, he is.

He's not like a dog.

He's like a human.

I'll show you some, where are you going?

Come here.

[beeping sound]

We used to try make him stay in his bed though.

I'll put a blanket on the bed

and he could get on the blanket.

Now, wake up in the morning,

his head's in between mine and Laura's, know what I mean?

He's just like that, on his back.



He, he really is like our son, Matt.

In the past we've seen people like dogs that need a home.

Spoke with Laura about it, Oh, can I get another dog?

Like he's got a brother then or a sister.

And she's like, No, don't think we'll ever be able

to love another dog as much as Lenny.

[slow beat music]

My main thing on YouTube obviously is uploading content

and things like that.

So, first and foremost, I'm a fighter, you know what I mean?

You could call me a YouTuber and I'll be one

but I haven't even got over a million subscribers

so I'm not good enough to be a YouTuber just yet.

The video everyone knows probably got on my channel,

for anyone who knows it already is when,

I grappled with 10 Marines, that was hilarious.

'Cause I was fat, I was a sheep,

and they made me do a circuit before it.

So like, by the time I'd even come to grapple with them,

I was like [huffing sounds].

And then, I still got it done.

And my next essential item, so and I know for a fact

that deathly couldn't live without is,

still feels weird to say, my wife.

Yeah we, we knew each other when we were

little kids, you know what I mean?

Playing in the streets, where I lived on the main road

and she lived in the little side road next to it.

From my bedroom window, I could see her front door.

You know what I mean?

Yeah she, she tells everyone she used to hate me

when we were kids.

She definitely never, you know what I mean?

It's definitely never.

We used to play in the streets together.

I used to play in the seat with your older brother.

Yeah and then, yeah,

one day we just started speaking online and now we're here.

But yeah, we started speaking when I was 16

and she was 15 and as they say, the rest is history.

My next essential item is, my bike.

[slow beat music]

I cycle everywhere.

So, literally to the gym, from the gym, wherever.

Well yeah, this bike actually got gifted to me

by Riese and Muller, the company.

As you can see, it's got the body down the side.

It's got, You'll never walk alone down here.

As I mentioned, Liverpool, LFC.

Big LFC badge on the front.

And it's a, it's an electric bike.

It gives me little, little push when I'm,

when I'm pedaling it and it gets me from A to B,

just as fast as driving a car does,

especially, in like rush hour times.

[slow beat music]

Well it's not an item,

it's more, a place, you know what I mean?

And to represent it, there's the Next Generation badge,

which is my gym.

But you know, it's not just,

it's not just obviously that gym,

I'll tell you another gyms as well.

It keeps me in a good mental space

as well as it keeps me physically fit.

I first got into MMA, it was,

because of the UFC, you know what I mean?

One of the lads in the youth club, Kyle, showed me a fight.

And I watched it and was like,

I need to have a go of that me.

I need to have a go with that.

And I can remember when I lost, lost my first fight.

I was thinking, I can't, I'm not even getting by doing this.

This isn't a comfortable source of income.

I had, I don't know what I'm meant to do here.

I got offered the job in the gym.

So I started working in Next Generation, every day.

Helping Paul do one-to-ones.

And it brought my level on so much as well,

like my skill level as well as help me get by

and just live a normal life.

So that was it, people.

That's my top essential items

that I really couldn't live without.

And I've, I've given you all my essentials there.

Without them, I'd been none.

So, thank you very much for watching.

See yous on the next one.

[slow ambient music]

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