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Sexyy Red Shows Off Her Tattoos

"I'm a young hot b*tch so I'm like let me get some flames on my leg." Sexyy Red breaks down her tattoos in this episode of Tattoo Tour. The "SkeeYee" rapper loves a good tattoo that come in threes. From her three different "Sexyy" tattoos to three sets of roses, Sexyy Red shares the stories behind her ink.

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Director: Camile Ramos
Director of Photography: Bradley Wickham
Editor: Paul Isakson
Creative Producer: Jean-Luc Lukunku
Line Producer: Jen Santos
Production Manager: James Pipitone
Production Coordinator: Tania Jones
Talent Booker: Jenna Caldwell
Camera Operator: Anne-Marie Halovanic
Gaffer: David Djaco
Sound Mixer: Tyson Dai
Production Assistant: Ziyne Abdo
Stylist: Michelle Foster
Make-up Artist: Jailyn Hardy
Hair Stylist: Jayden Torres
Post Production Supervisor: Rachael Knight
Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant
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Assistant Editor: Lauren Worona

Released on 12/06/2023


[Interviewer] How would you describe

in broad terms your tattoos?

Ghetto fabulous.

What's up?

This your favorite hood-hottest princess, Sexyy [beeps] Red.

And these is my tattoos.

[slow hip hop beat]

My first tattoo was this loyalty on my chest.

I was 16 when I got this

'cause I had a boyfriend that was in jail

and I was being loyal to him.

So I'm like, I'm gonna get loyalty. [laughing]

I was just doing some [beeps].

I'd just be getting [beeps].

At the, my momma was like, when I turned 16,

I can get tattoos and stuff.

I just start going crazy, just getting all kinds of [beeps].

But I tricked her.

I was like, I'm gonna get your name.

That's how your momma let you get a tattoo.

I'm like, I'm gonna get your name.

Then I came back,

I had this. [laughing] [interviewer laughing]

I got her name on me right here, Andrea, Big Drea.

My last tattoo I got, I think, it was this one, the sexyy?

Yeah, it was the sexyy.

I'm just sexy.

So I'm like, Let me get it on my face.

My son name, Chuckie, the sexyy, oh,

and the St. Louis where I'm from, yeah,

but I don't think I'm gonna do no more.

Everybody keeps saying,

No, don't put no more tattoos on your face.

I got Sexyy Red on my butt, I got sexyy on my face.

I got sexyy somewhere else too.

I don't know. It's somewhere on me.

[slow hip hop beat]

I like barbies, so I got a barbie tattoo.

I got this one when I was in high school too.

I just feel like I'm a ghetto barbie.

It got my favorite color, pink, in there.

Its just cute to me.

This is my favorite tattoo for real.

This is really my favorite tattoo.

Sometimes I forget that it even say barbie.

And then they'll notice it and be like,

Oh, you straight got barbie on you.

Oh no, that's my favorite tattoo on the back of my legs.

The sexyy devil 'cause I'm the sexyy devil.

So I'm like, I just wanna get my thighs,

'cause I ain't have no tattoos

on the back of my body for real.

So I just got that

and then I got this little bad girl sign tattoo

with the heart,

and the halo, and the devil tail on it.

I got this because I got my eczema.

Well, I used to have it real bad,

and it left little marks on my skin.

So I just went and got all the little marks covered up.

I'm like, the man freestyled 'em too.

He's like, I'm just covering all the little marks.

I'm a young, hot bitch.

So I'm like, Let me get some flames on my legs.


I forgot I even had a heart

right there. [interviewer laughing]

I'm thinking I just had two roses.

I went and got some added right here too.

I'm like, I wanted fill my neck in,

'cause it was empty right there.

So I'm like, I wanna fill it up.

So I just got a heart and then I got a little flower.

I just be doing shit.

It kinda hurt

'cause it's on the front of your neck where you breathe in.

But I really take all my tattoos.

I don't know.

It's therapeutic sometimes, but tattoos hurt, it hurt.

The big butterfly tattoo hurt.

It was making me squeeze my booty cheeks in.

I was just getting shit.

Some of these tattoos don't even mean nothing.

I'll just be like, I wanna put something right here.

And then I'll just think of something put right there.

Yeah, some of the stuff I got on there twice.

Like the butterflies, I got this on.

I got three sets of butterflies on me,

two sets of roses 'cause I got, no, actually,

I got three sets of roses.

Oh, yep, this, this, and then on my neck.

[slow hip hop beat]

Me and my best friend, we got matching bows on our chest.

And then all my sisters and my close friends,

they got this same stamp,

but they'll get it like somewhere on their body,

different places.

Yeah, that's my stepdaddy.

He got killed when I was younger.

So I just went and got that.

Oh, the breast cancer sign.

Yeah, that's when my granny.

My granny had passed from breast cancer.

And I was young when I got this

'cause I wouldn't have got it that little on my arm.

I would've got something bigger to represent her.

I got this matching with my friend

'cause we're soulmates, soul ties.

We got weird pinkies.

Our pinkies look alike.

So we both went and got the same tattoo by our pink.

And we would put 'em together like this

when we see each other.

I got boss on my hands with some dollar signs.

And then I got a heart, my letter initial,

a cursive J, a diamond, and then another dollar sign.

I just be putting dollar signs all on me.

And then I got some diamonds going on my belly.

These diamonds go on my leg all the way up to my stomach.

[beat squelching] [slow hip hop beat]

I got some butterflies going on my back.

I got the word savage at the bottom, a tramp stamp.

I'm like,

I'm a savage. Lemme get savage on my back. [laughing]

Me and my friends, we'd be going together.

Me and my best friend,

we went to get a lot of tattoos together.

She'll get her own stuff,

but it don't gotta even be matching.

We'll just be like, Let's go get tatted.

And I'll call her.

We just go meet each other up there

just to do something together.

We got a lot of tattoos together.

And then this butterfly on my knee,

I just got that just to fill in something.

I got my baby daddy name on my ankle.

I'll just lose count 'cause I forget some of the ones I got.

And I be like, Dang, I forgot to count them.

It's over 30 something, though,

'cause I sat there and counted it.

I tried to start from the bottom just like.

Then I'll lose count, forgetting like,

Oh, I got one back there too.

Oh, I got some.

I'm probably still gonna be getting stuff when I'm old

'cause whatever I wanna do, I just do it.

Probably gonna be thinking of some shit like,

Might wanna get my grandkids name tatted.

So I'll just go do some shit like that. [laughing]

For real.

[Interviewer] Would you ever get a GQ tattoo on you?


Would you get a Sexyy Red tattoo on you?

Yeah, right. [laughing] [interviewer laughing]

[slow hip hop beat]

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