Timothée Chalamet Is GQ’s Most Stylish Man of the Year, as Voted by You

The Wonka star capped off a rollicking year of red-carpet mastery with a major W.
Timothe Chalamet Is GQs Most Stylish Man of the Year as Voted by You

We’re heading into the final stretch of 2023, which means it's time once again for that most cherished of GQ holiday traditions: our annual Most Stylish Man bracket, in which you—our discerning, ever-tasteful readers—get to vote and decide who will take home the biggest prize in all of celebrity menswear.

And the Winner Is…

Who else? Timothée Chalamet. After a week full of some of the closest photo-finish polls in Most Stylish Man history, GQ’s readers, voting on Instagram, delivered the Oscar-nominated superstar a decisive victory over his wily veteran opponent David Beckham.

That speaks to just how sensational a year Timmy has had style-wise. Chalamet spent the summer back in his native New York, suiting up in leather with Martin Scorcese, hooping with Adam Sandler in giant Supreme shorts, and taking in the US Open with Kylie Jenner in matching tiny Cartier watches. Then he brought his freaky fashion gifts to the rest of the globe on Wonka’s rollicking press tour: He popped up in Tokyo in floor-length latex and then defied the London rain in a shirtless velvet suit. And this is all to say nothing of the five (!) spectacular covers the 27-year-old shot for GQ’s November issue.

All of which is to say: You picked about as worthy a winner as they come, folks. That was fun. See you back here to do it all again next year.

The Finals, 12/21

Whew, those semis turned into a real nail-biter. First up, we saw David Beckham edge out Cillian Murphy by just a few percentage points—no doubt buoyed by the latent enthusiasm for his and Posh’s flashy Y2K fashions on display in Netflix’s recent Beckham documentary. On the Gen Z side of things, post-swag king Timothée Chalamet snuck past handbag aficionado Jacob Elordi, who no doubt will be back with a vengeance for next year’s Most Stylish contest.

So our final matchup is set. Becks versus Timmy—the maestro footballer and the red-hot thespian, each with their own swagger and a clear passion for fashion. Either way, it’ll be a win for dudes who love getting dressed. Cast your vote now on GQ’s Instagram Stories, and check back here tomorrow to see who captures the crown.

The Semifinals, 12/20

The quarterfinals of this year’s Most Stylish Man bracket may have featured the tightest batch of matchups in this competition’s history. Nearly every head-to-head came right down to the wire. David Beckham’s compulsive outfit planning helped him eke out an upset over A$AP Rocky. Cillian Murphy, the only man still making slim suits look killer, barely edged out self-professed Wales Bonner fiend Kendrick Lamar. Timothée Chalamet’s daring fashion choices this year helped him in a photo finish against everyone’s favorite fashion daddy Pedro Pascal. And in the battle of who best pulls off a casual white T-shirt and jeans, Jacob Elordi emerged victorious over Jeremy Allen White.

We’re onto the semis, and there are now even more heavyweight battles on the docket. Finally, you can decide who looks better in a suit: Murphy or Beckham? And if you hate picking between painfully handsome twenty-somethings who can carry a prestige drama, we have bad news for you—only one of Chalamet and Elordi can proceed to the finals. The choice is yours. Voting is now open on GQ’s Instagram Stories, where it will continue for the next 24 hours. Cast your votes and then return tomorrow to decide the Most Stylish Man of 2023.

The Quarterfinals, 12/19

And we’re off to the races! In Round One, seasoned fashionistas A$AP Rocky, David Beckham, and Timothée Chalamet advanced past newcomers Troye Sivan, Bad Bunny, and Charles Melton, respectively. Jacob Elordi breezed past Offset, while Cillian Murphy’s dark-horse Oppenheimer style overshadowed Travis Kelce’s sartorial Kenergy. Pedro Pascal’s polished ensembles trumped Justin Bieber’s unbridled fashion chaos. In a thrilling twist, fan favorite Jeremy Allen White edged out Pharrell—the Louis Vuitton don himself!—to advance to the quarterfinals. But in Round One’s tightest matchup, Kendrick “Best-Dressed” Lamar narrowly bested Paul Mescal, whose football shorts and Clairo hoodie will live on in our hearts.

Next up, we’ve got a scintillating set of quarterfinal matchups. A$AP and Becks will go head to head in what could be a real Pay-Per-View-style duel between two fashion heavy-hitters. Rap GOAT Kendrick Lamar just may find a surprising opponent in Hollywood GOAT Cillian Murphy. And while JAW and Elordi face off as the new kings of casualwear, can odds-on favorite Timmy Chalamet win out against internet daddy Pedro Pascal?

Voting is now open on GQ’s Instagram Stories, where it will continue for the next 24 hours. Go cast your vote for your favorites, and then check back here tomorrow to see how things shake out. May the stylish odds be ever in their favor.

Round One, 12/18

A quick word on the field: We've implemented a two-year moratorium for past winners. That's why OKC sharpshooter Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, who won last year's competition, isn't in the running this year; Tyler, the Creator, the 2021 winner, isn't eligible either. (Also ruled out is Emma Corrin, whom we named the year's Most Stylish Person in our 2023 Fashion Awards.)

Even with those omissions, however, we've landed on what feels like our most competitive lineup ever, riddled with breakout style stars and veteran taste gods alike. It's been an odd year for getting dressed publicly—with the Hollywood strikes putting red carpets on hold for several months—but the 16 men you'll meet below still managed to show out in ambitious, exuberant, and deeply idiosyncratic ways.

Now, the responsibility of choosing who will reign supreme amongst them falls to you. Voting begins today at noon, Eastern time, on GQ's Instagram. The first round will run for 24 hours, and then we'll repeat that cycle over the next three days before announcing the winner on Friday. Hop on over to our IG stories to place your votes now, and check back in here every day to find out who's prevailed and who's been knocked out. May the most stylish man win.

The Contenders

A$AP Rocky

Flacko was already an undisputed king of stunting, but this year he took it to a new level. He leaned into dadhood with a hot pink diaper bag and went for a jog through Beverly Hills in an all-leather sweatsuit—moments (among many others) that became a bona fide fashion campaign with Bottega Veneta. His daily swagger, in other words, was billboard-worthy.

Troye Sivan

In 2023, Troye Sivan became the patron saint of gloriously horny going-out fits. He tried everything at least once, from leather bondage to disco vibes to drag. He even walked the Miu Miu runway in a whirlwind of prep fantasy. Each move made headlines, announcing the arrival of a new force of freaky style.

Bad Bunny

Is there anything—literally—that Bad Bunny cannot wear? He went full bouclé-bridal at the Met Gala in May. He turned Coachella into a fashion show thanks to a boatload of custom patchwork ERL. He even appeared to raid Kendall Jenner’s closet when he slithered into some teeny vintage Jean Paul Gaultier at the Monaco Grand Prix, setting the bar ever higher for wonderfully reckless celebrity style.

David Beckham

Becks has been doing this for a long time, but even style legends can have second (or eighth acts). In his Netflix docuseries, we actually learned something new about how the best-dressed footballer assembles his undefeated autumnal dad and countryside chef kits: He plans his entire week’s outfits in advance. Take notes!

Kendrick Lamar

After reigning atop the rap game for over a decade now—with a Pulitzer Prize and a gaggle of platinum records to show for it—K-Dot set his sights on a new goal in 2023: “I’m best-dressed moving forward,” he announced on the Baby Keem-led track “The Hillbillies” in May. Ever since, he’s stayed true to his word: pulling up to the Met Gala with a Chanel scarf tied rakishly around his waist; performing at Pharrell’s Louis Vuitton debut in a high-concept suit; and showing out on SNL in a pink velour hoodie and leather jeans.

Paul Mescal

His thighs would be enough to land him here, of course. Anytime Paul Mescal wears his signature rugby shorts—ideally paired with a Clairo hoodie—it causes the kind of internet-wide meltdown all celebrity stylists dream about. But the Irish actor has earned this spot several times over by looking excellent in trousers, too: he’s become a master of loose, louche tailoring in recent months, and he understands how to play with the proportions of a simple tee-and-jeans duo to maximize its visual appeal.

Cillian Murphy

The Oppenheimer press tour will go down as a fits bonanza for the ages, the moment in which Murphy finally started dressing in a manner befitting his otherworldly bone structure. The headline-grabbing highlight was his sheer, sensual Saint Laurent shirt, but he sported plenty of top-notch looks otherwise, from crisp Prada suits to clean knit cardigans.

Travis Kelce

No entrant on this bracket had his fits more closely observed and thoroughly dissected this year than Travis Kelce—such is the way when Taylor Swift is on your arm. And even if his looks weren’t quite as riddled with hidden messages as some Swifties would have you believe, they were still well-assembled enough to provoke some to wonder if he was working with a stylist (he wasn’t).

Timothée Chalamet

Ah, Timmy Chalamet: post-swag ace, spontaneous hooper, and three-time GQ cover star. He’s a repeat contender in our annual Most Stylish contest, but he’s still never won the top title. After his year of Supreme cargo shorts and black latex trench coats, is it finally time for our Dylan-prepping, Wonka-wilding, Kylie-dating prince to claim the crown?

Charles Melton

May December star Charles Melton’s acting chops aren’t the only thing putting him on the map these days—the Riverdale breakout star has also been dressing up a storm on the film’s promotional tour, showing out in suave casualwear and nouveau-American Gigolo suits. (Not to mention, Melton’s prime Cannes ensemble of a white tank, Bode basketball shorts, and Travis Scott Jordans will really make you miss summer right about now.)

Justin Bieber

As soon as those photos of Hailey and Justin Bieber clad, respectively, in a red-hot mini dress and gray sweat shorts with yellow Crocs hit the ’net, their looks were destined to become the best Halloween couples costume of 2023. And say what you will about Justin’s kooky fashion sense, the Biebs has fun getting dressed. He can roll up to a Sushi Park dinner wrapped in a crochet blanket, or show out in the most refreshingly cool date-night ensemble we’ve seen in years, and he’s always going to be the most eye-catching guy in the room.

Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal has been a beloved Hollywood figure for years, but 2023 was the year the Last of Us star became a true fashion daddy. Back in January, Pascal’s Mandalorian press tour resulted in viral fit after viral fit—but while his Gucci Golden Girls homage may have fetched plenty of eyeballs, his beat-up Lakers tee was our favorite thing he wore all year. Can his internet-boyfriend status carry this style newcomer up the ranks?


This year, Pharrell didn’t merely dress himself—he was also responsible for the hordes of celebrities whose flyness relies on Louis Vuitton, where he now oversees men’s design. As such, the always-stylish Skateboard P had a major advantage this year: he got to create the clothes of his dreams with the backing of one of Paris’s most historic and powerful labels. No wonder he looked so good.

Jeremy Allen White

Our favorite fictional chef has reached the point in his style journey where he’s the one making the clothes look so great—not the other way around. He knows how to drape a jacket off his shoulder, unbutton at the exact right places, and use a cigarette dangling from his lip as a luxury accessory. This is style mastery.

Jacob Elordi

In 2023, Elordi successfully navigated his way to the A-list—which comes with the responsibility of dressing like a leading man. The Saltburn star was up for the task, consistently pairing well-tailored pants with laidback shirts and sport coats, bundling up in god-tier coats, and carrying a showstopping It bag just about everywhere he went.


Offset recently dropped one of the year’s best albums—but even that accomplishment pales in comparison to his outrageously strong outerwear game. In his quest for fit supremacy, the Atlanta rapper has draped himself in a truly stunning range of jackets: long, flowy camel coats; boxy Denim Tears hoodies; voluminous puffers that are barely hanging on; strong-shouldered leather motos; preppy, throwback varsities; and the occasional impeccable cream tuxedo jacket accented by a clutch of gleaming pearls.