New Arrivals: 16 Razor-Sharp Suits, Kicky Boots, and Fuzzy Sweaters to Get Excited About This Week

Plus everything else you need to assemble your next big fit. 
A pair of black pants a black jacket with sequin sleeve a white button down shirt a pair of gold glasses a gold and...

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Welcome to New Arrivals, our ongoing tally of the freshest, flyest, can't-miss menswear hitting the digital shelves right this very instant.

The New Arrivals Hit List

The Low-Key Bar Hang

Calendar looking mercifully empty this month? Count yourself lucky—the best type of party is one you throw yourself, at the very last minute, with a smattering of your choicest loved ones. The next time you're scrutinizing the IPA section at the bodega, shoot the group chat a text and tell the homies to pull up, pronto. If you're already wearing Golden Bear's jaw-dropping sequin-embellished bomber, your outfit's halfway there—just swap the sweats for Marni's sneaky-comfortable drawstring tux trousers, and throw on a knit with a little cold-weather texture. No need to change your shoes: Tekla's shearling-lined riff on Birkenstock's quintessential clog is cozy enough to wear at home, but looks plenty righteous when your squad ambles over to the bar.


Logo-Appliquéd Fleece Beanie

Golden Bear

Sequin-Embellished Wool-Blend and Leather Bomber Jacket

Lady White Co.

White T-Shirts (2-Pack)


Fuzzy Lattice Crew Sweater


Satin Track Stripe Tropical Wool Straight Leg Trousers

Birkenstock x Tekla

"Nagoya" Shearling-Lined Suede Clogs

The Dreaded Office Shindig

The quickest way to clinch best-dressed status at your end-of-quarter work bash? Show up in a suit exactly like this, ideally in the same shade of earthy loden green. Dial up the texture, too; there's nothing wrong with a three-season wool, but when it's cold outside, baby, a tweed this luxe—Banana Republic sources its lustrous blend from Italy's vaunted Marzotto mill—will distinguish you from the coworkers in navy blazers and skinny jeans. Wrap a groovy tie around that neck and anchor it all with snakeskin-embossed hard-bottoms your office crush won't mistake for 9-to-5 drivers. Enjoy the promotion.

Banana Republic

"Joaquin" Tweed Suit Jacket

Banana Republic

"Joaquin" Tweed Suit Pants


Bowery Point Collar Dress Shirt


Paisley Italian Wool Tie


Reversible Brushed Mohair Socks

Noah x Solovair

Snakeskin "Gibson" Shoes

The High-Octane Night Out

Depending on how you look at it, we've got very good or very bad news. If you already own a tuxedo, you're about to save a bundle of cash—just ditch the trousers for jeans (Paul Smith and Commission make theirs out of an ultra-hardy cotton-wool blend), and the patent leather pumps for vertiginous boots. If you don't own a tux, the one you should really buy is Saint Laurent's, where designer Anthony Vaccarello is busy imbuing the French maison with a jolt of megawatt sex appeal. There's a reason this low-slung peak lapel number clinched a starting spot in our inaugural All-Stars class: short of buying a time machine to hoard Apple stock, there's few better investments.

Warby Parker x Marvel

"Mary Jane" Sunglasses

Saint Laurent

Wool Grain de Poudre Tuxedo Jacket


Embroidered Oxford Shirt

Justine Clenquet

"Nomi" Necklace

Paul Smith x Commission

Wool and Cotton Jeans

Toga Virilis

Cuban-Heel Leather Boots

Eager for more GQ-approved menswear picks? Keep scrolling to see all the new releases that piqued our interest over the last few weeks.

Non-Corny Holiday Knits

In the GQ neck of the woods, the opportunity to flex a rad knit is a terrible thing to waste, especially given the preponderance of actually stylish holiday sweaters on the market right now. Throw Todd Snyder's shaggy mohair joint under an oxford shirt or layer Bode's fireside-ready jacquard crew beneath a corduroy jacket—the effect will be the same. No one will bother bringing up politics at the Thanksgiving table when they're busy asking you for an ID on the pullover.

Todd Snyder

Mohair Fair Isle Crewneck

Beams Plus

Intarsia Wool Sweater


Cashmere Sweater


Begonia Wool-Jacquard Sweater

Duffle Boys

The menswear icon you should pin to your moodboard this fall? A certain hijinks-enjoying, duffle coat-wearing anthropomorphic bear. Swaddle yourself in Blackstock & Weber's ultra-classic houndstooth spin—made in conjunction with Gloverall, Britain's premier duffle specialists—or toggle up in Our Legacy's cropped duffle jacket, the silhouette du jour of wayward prepsters around the globe.

Blackstock & Weber

Gloverall Duffle Pack Coat


Long Duffle Coat

A.P.C. x JW Anderson

"Colin" Wool-Blend Duffle Coat

Our Legacy

Wool-Blend Jacket

These Shoes Are Made for Loafin'

Love the look of loafers but crave the comfort of house shoes? Breaking news from the frontlines of the footwear scene: you can now have ‘em both. It’s hard to top Madewell's buttery fleece-lined riff, but if you're chasing slip-ons with a touch more polish, Vinny's, the upstart Danish brand behind some of the coolest hard-bottoms on the planet, enlists a roster of skilled leather artisans to elevate your bed-to-bodega shuffle.


Suede Loafer Slippers


"Naples" Suede Backless Loafers


LEMI-Mab Slip-On Loafers


Suede-Trimmed Croc-Effect Backless Loafers

Shear Yourself

When it comes to outerwear, it doesn't get more indulgent than an ultra-luxe shearling. If the classic knee-length version feels a little too Bane for you, don't sweat it: These days, designers are getting freaky with the lining, employing it on everything from bombers—see the perfectly toasted Banana Republic version below—to hip-hugging coats like Alex Mill's collaboration with the vaunted sheepskin whisperers at Owen Barry.

Levi's Premium

Shearling Trucker Jacket

Alex Mill

Owen Barry "Cyrus" Shearling Coat

Banana Republic

Shearling Flight Jacket


"Sheridan" Faux-Shearling Jacket

Fall Staples with Seoul

Every few years, a shift in the menswear zeitgeist propels a new capital of cool to the fore. Few cities have more mojo right now than Seoul, where labels young and old are busy establishing the thrumming South Korean metropolis as a buzzy epicenter of hyper-tasteful, surprisingly affordable clothes. (That Supreme opened a store there over the summer is no coincidence.) Thanks to the endless sprawl of today's e-comm landscape, the best and brightest of Korea's crackling menswear scene are just a few clicks way. Stock up now—or book a ticket soon—before your Instagram nemesis beats you to it.


Belted Down Coat


Shearling Collar Jacket


Corduroy Two-Button Blazer


Straight-Leg Faux-Leather Trousers


French Trousers


Toulouse Bomber Jacket


Oversized Blazer


Loosed Shirt

Sneakers That Match the Foliage

When the leaves change color, your sneakers should follow suit. The thrashed canvas slip-ons you've been wearing since June aren't a bad look, but the crisp fall air calls for rugged, beefy kicks done up in a Crayola's box worth of autumnal tones. If you're the outdoorsy type (or just want to cosplay as a very eurotrip-coded Answer Garfield), you could do a lot worse than starting with Nike ACG's revamped Humara, a hulking, trail-ready silhouette in dueling shades of red and yellow. Prefer your kicks with a touch more street cred? Snag a pair from the extremely right-now running gurus at Asics and watch the double-taps climb faster than your heart rate.


Air Humara Sneakers


Rivalry Low 86 Sneakers


GEL-Sonoma 15-50 Shoes


XT-6 Expanse Shoes

The Right Finishing Touches

Random disclaimer: Some of the items below aren't new—but the discounts are, thanks to a slew of exclusive deals we secured to celebrate our inaugural All-Stars class. We've yet to find a hat that keeps our noggins as toasty as Industry of All Nation's wildly luxe alpaca beanie, or hosiery that keep our dogs as protected as American Trench's retro-doused merino socks. When it comes to accessorizing this season, keep it simple. Cozy is still king, but you can probably survive the cold without a logo that explicitly telegraphs you dropped [insert ludicrous number of zeros here] on a scarf. Bode's, for what it's worth, only hints at it.

Industry of All Nations

Alpaca Knit Beanie

American Trench

Merino Stripe Socks


Braided Fringe Scarf

Banana Republic

"Glauco" Buckle Leather Glove

Plaids That Aren't Flannel

You know those hardy flannel shirts you live in all fall? They don't own the exclusive rights to plaid, and they're not the only ones putting the pattern to extremely good use. Todd Snyder leans on it to lend his slouchy work pants their office-ready energy (the primo wool fabric doesn't hurt, either). Ditto the knitwear whizzes at Corridor, whose latest geezer-adjacent cardigan renders a very stodgy silhouette in every shade of scuzzy alpaca cool. Expect to see it on SAG-AFTRA-approved press junkets from now until March.

Todd Snyder

Relaxed Wool Welder Pants


"Roebling" Two-Button Blazer


Alpaca Blend Cardigan

Randy's Garments

Station Corduroy-Trimmed Wool-Blend Jacket

Pointy Shirts

For years, every button-up you'd see in the pages of GQ (or on the backs of GQ staffers) was equipped with the same type of collar: a trim semi-spread designed to sync up with a slim, dimpled tie. Forget 'em. Go big and pointy and never look back.

Todd Snyder x Hamilton

Long Point Collar Shirt


Tattersall Cotton Two-Pocket Western Shirt

Our Legacy

Coco 70s Shirt


Exaggerated-Collar Cotton-Sateen Shirt

Drop-Top Hikers

When you picture hiking shoes, you probably imagine clomping, gargantuan boots that never seem to sit comfortably beneath your pants. Thanks to a new crop of retro-inflected low-top hikers, though, the all-important pants-to-shoes matrix is easier than ever to dial in the next time your fits need a little rugged energy.


Cascade Low-Top Boots

Merrell 1TRL

Wilderness Oxfords


"Clusaz" Derby

Jacques Solovière

"Rasmus" Grained-Leather Boots

Shirt Jackets With Some Juice

A few weeks ago, we made an impassioned case in favor of the overshirt, the double-duty layer that promises to work harder than any other in your closet. A few weeks before that, we spotlighted a grip of blue-chip floral-printed pieces even van Gogh would be proud of. See where we're going here? The floral print doesn't even have to be literal—a brooding, swirly riff on the pattern looks plenty groovy, and a little more fall-ready.

Banana Republic

"Rodrigo" Chore Coat

Abercrombie & Fitch

Corduroy Shirt Jacket


Jacquard Teddy Shell Overshirt


Reversible Check and Floral-Print Quilted Jacket

Dig the MA-1? Try the MA-Many

Since it was first issued to pilots during WWI, the MA-1 has inserted itself into countless Hollywood moments—and inspired just as many designer riffs. Some take the source material literally—Jerry Lorenzo upgrades the style in a lustrous nylon but leaves the silhouette intact—while others, like the lesser-known Antwerp Six member Marina Yee, subvert its military pedigree with a jolt of the bizarre. The MA-1's sustained popularity among civilians and A-listers alike might be a happy byproduct of its utilitarian design, but the real crux of its appeal is pretty simple: its cropped, boxy silhouette just looks really hot on everyone.

Fear of God

Eternal Nylon Twill Bomber Jacket

Entire Studios

A-2 Bomber Jacket

Awake NY x Alpha Industries

MA-1 Knit Trimmed Washed Bomber

Marina Yee

Customized Fold Bomber Jacket

Plucky Pinstripes

People who wore pinstripes used to fall into two camps: Yankees (of the New York variety) and Gordon Gekko wannabes (also of the New York variety). You don't have to be either to pull off the cold-weather pattern today—hell, you don't even need to buy a suit. Thanks to brands like Portugal's Ernest W. Baker, the tailoring flourish looks decidedly more chill as a matching jacket-and-trousers set. If the menswear classicist in you is crying blasphemy, don't get your dress socks in a twist: Madewell's slouchy, Italian-sourced riff will take to a tie and derbies just as easily as it will loafers and a vintage tee.


Pinstriped Blazer


Pinstriped Trousers


"Roebling" Blazer


"Roebling" Pleated Trousers

Ernest W. Baker

Pinstriped Jacket

Ernest W. Baker

Pinstriped Trousers

Our Legacy

Frontier Pinstripe Shirt

Our Legacy

Borrowed Pinstripe Twill Chinos

Black and Brown

For decades, conventional menswear wisdom stipulated that black and brown were opposing colors that should never be mixed. The conventional wisdom, as we pointed out a couple of years ago, was wrong. Wearing the two shades simultaneously isn't a faux-pas—it's the quickest way to ratchet up the fashion quotient on your fall outfits. Pair Carhartt WIP's groovy paisley cardigan with black work pants and a white T-shirt, or tuck that same tee into Stein's cashmere-blend trousers, gird your waist with a brash belt, and toss a sweater around your shoulders for a little extra verve.

Andersson Bell

Zip Cardigan


Check Trousers

Carhartt WIP

Wool Paisley Cardigan


"Ace" Striped Cotton Shirt

Tweedy Coats

Way back in 2020, GQ's Sam Schube presented irrefutable evidence in favor of two unlikely menswear icons: the Wet Bandits, a.k.a. Marv and Harry of Home Alone fame. Both, Schube writes, are impeccably equipped in clothes that wouldn't look out of a place in a Drake's campaign, or a grainy photograph of the Olsen twins ripping darts downtown. The secret to their sauce? Nubby mac coats exactly like these, cut relaxed, usually with raglan sleeves, and done up in texture-heavy fall tweeds. For a very British riff on the style look to Sir Paul Smith—but it's tough to beat all-American mainstays like Banana Republic.

Paul Smith

Multi-Tweed Mac Coat

Banana Republic

"Viedma" Wool-Blend Car Coat

Karu Research

Rabari-Embroidered Wool Coat

Abercrombie & Fitch

Wool-Blend Mac Coat

Electric Argyles

Argyle used to be the preserve of misty-eyed academics or the type of pencil-pushers who pronounce the ‘h’ in white. These days, the pattern still adorns plenty of sweaters, but its attitude is more punk than preppy (think shaggy mohair polos or oversized crewnecks in the perfect shade of scuzzy greige). The only outlier here? Bottega Veneta, where Matthieu Blazy and his team of fabric wizards render a classic V-neck silhouette in impossibly supple calfskin, a perfect leather jacket for the gerontocracy—or the cool kids who can afford to jack their style.

Bottega Veneta

Argyle Print Lambskip Top


Nordic Sherpa Fleece Jacket


Funghi Sweater

Todd Snyder

Argyle Mohair Polo

Double-Duty Overshirts

Autumn is a time of exciting transitions, but the waffling weather makes dressing a guessing game. So this time around, instead of schlepping a whole-ass extra layer in your bag wherever you go, reach for an overshirt. Unlike more pedestrian garments, they can play double-duty as a shirt and jacket. Think of them like the legendary Deion Sanders—a pro in not one but two major-league sports.

Taylor Stitch

Yosemite shirt


Oasis cashmere overshirt


Flap pocket faux-leather shirt

Karu Research

Tie-dyed padded silk overshirt

Fall-Ready Tailoring

Tailoring is enjoying a moment again, and the latest crop of fall styles is packed with blazers designed for anywhere but the office. (Think sumptuous corduroys, toasty flannels, and cozy tweeds, and you get a solid idea of the textures we're talking about here.) Alex Mill's namesake suit jacket, rendered in a delicious deep-chocolate cord, is begging to be worn with blue jeans and a shaggy sweater, like you're a dreamy New England architect who definitely has a cute dog.

Todd Snyder

Knit double-breasted herringbone Sutton jacket

Comme Des Garçons Shirt

Patchwork cotton-corduroy blazer

Vivienne Westwood

One button blazer

Alex Mill

"Mill" blazer

Drawing Drip

Menswear's infatuation with DIY-inflected doodles and hand-finished flourishes might've reached its highest form in Emily Bode's artful reclamation of midcentury vintage, but the trend still has plenty to offer. Brands across the spectrum, from indie designers to established labels, are offering their own spin on Bode's deeply personal collages, deploying the same vibe in freaky and fun new ways.


Museum trousers


Topsail Senior Cord jacket

One of These Days

Workwear pant

Fullcount x Small Talk Studio

Custom hand-drawn 1101EC-BIG straight fit jeans

Shadow Play

Chalk it up to the waning sunlight or the mercurial weather, but shadows (and gradients, their not-so-distant relatives) are showing up interpreted via all kinds of prints and patterns. From the classic shadow plaid Noah incorporates in its handsome 5-panel hat to the spray-paint effect on Acne Studios' slip-on boots, fall menswear looks broodier than an Alan Moore strip—and we're ready to embrace the dark side.

Acne Studios

Sprayed leather low boots


Straight-leg drawstring trousers


Soufflé printed jeans


Shadow plaid 5-panel hat

Brooding Button-Ups

A crisp white button-up is forever classic, but right now, its black counterpart feels a shade cooler. If you don’t want to take our word for it, take it from Anthony Vacarrello, whose sultry reinterpretations of Saint Laurent’s house codes are best expressed via the maison’s gossamer-like shirting. This one’s cut boxy with a point collar and decorated with a leopard jacquard print, all the better to sync up with the designer’s ultra-gam tailoring and vertiginous boots. If pure silk is too precious for your tastes, don’t sweat it: Winnie New York, the brainchild of upstart suiting expert Idris Balogun, sells a riff on Dickies’ quintessential work shirt crafted from sturdy cotton twill.


"Spacey" jacquard cotton-blend knit shirt

Saint Laurent

Matte and silk shirt

Winnie New York

Patch-pocket cotton-twill shirt

Our Legacy

Frontier shirt

Not-So-Burly Rugby Shirts

The rugby shirt has been around in one form or another since the 1800s, when thick-necked Britons popularized the style chasing around a wee leather ball on the pitch. (Okay, you got us: we’ve never watched a game of rugby before.) The point is, the beefy cotton polo—defined by its contrast collar and broad stripes—was designed to take a beating, and it’s lingered in the menswear consciousness for that exact reason. The rugbys we’ve gravitated towards recently, though, are a tad more refined. Noah’s skews pretty close to the source material, but ditches the eye-grabbing chest stripes in favor of a muted fall palette; Studio Nicholson’s keeps the contrast collar, but renders the rest of the body in a premium cotton-wool blend. The result, however, is the same: a ridiculously versatile pullover you’ll wear from now until the heat ratchets up to a sizzle again.


Rugby shirt

Studio Nicholson

Field merino wool-blend rugby shirt


Mixed rugby shirt

Connor McKnight

Rugby sweater polo

Toasted Suedes

Fall's distinct colors and textures aren't limited to foliage. Flannel and corduroy come to mind, certainly—but the material we're excited about most as summer gives ways to autumn is suede in a particular shade of brown chefs would call GBD (golden brown delicious). From Sunflower's boxy cropped jacket to Givenchy's delectable Timberland-inspired work boots, the perfectly toasted hue is all over the place. And if you're worried about ruining your new suede jacket with wear…don't. Suede looks even better with some patina, which is greats news considering it's all you'll want to wear.


Box-cut suede jacket


Lace-up nubuck boots


Roughout suede "Alston" jacket

Todd Snyder

Roughout "Dylan" jacket

Strappy Shoes

We refuse to waste our time with shoelaces anymore. Instead, we're moving toward strappy kicks of all stripes, be it Boomer-approved loafers from Noah or the futuristic stylings of Kiko Kostadinov's Tonkin sneakers. The strap adds just enough dimension to your shoes and often include a bonus hit of hardware, like a little piece of jewelry or a cool belt for your feet. Practical? Sometimes. Ornamental? Always. Let's face it—these days, most folks aren't bothering to untie and retie their shoelaces anyway.


Buckle loafer


"Michael" Bride shoes

Kiko Kostadinov

"Tonkin" sneakers

Celine Homme

"Isaac" buckled leather boots

Double-Knees Worth a Double-Take

Demand for double-knee jeans might've cooled a touch since ravenous vintage lovers first began trawling the web for dusty Carhartts, but the residual heat proves that the nigh-indestructible silhouette isn't going anywhere. Instead, it's ditching its humble construction-adjacent origins for a newfound fashion pedigree. These days, any small-batch designer you care to name offers an artisanal riff on the workwear staple, done up every which way but the traditional one. Strut your stuff past the closest “Men At Work” sign and watch the hard hats swivel.

Winnie New York Topstitched straight-leg jeans

Cherry LA straight-leg distressed jeans

Heron Preston distressed carpenter pants

Andersson Bell coated jeans

Mind-Bending Accessories

Half a century after her death, surrealist fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli's legacy lives on thanks to guys like Jonathan Anderson and the Japanese humorists at Doublet. Frog clutches, pastry-inspired pochettes, whale hats—it's all a bit silly. And that's the point! The world can feel like a pretty bleak place; a weirdo accessory won't really solve any of your problems (on the contrary, in fact), but at least it can make you laugh.

Lemaire Croissant small leather shoulder bag

JW Anderson Frog resin clutch

Thom Browne Whale hat

Doublet Rabbit bag

Throwback Sling Packs

Chalk it up to our ongoing infatuation with the ‘90s, but sling bags—the asymmetrical zippered packs that are part backpack, part messenger bag—have shouldered they way into the zeitgeist again. Their utilitarian leanings call to mind Euro House style (parachute pants very much sold separately), and they feel both retro and futuristic. Stash your sketch book, your headphones, and your, ahem, paraphernalia in one of these and you're ready for a hard day of loitering—and a long night of raving.

C.P. Company Lens single strap backpack