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UFC Champ Sean O'Malley Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection

"You can't be into jewelry if you're broke, and if you are, you're stupid." "Suga" Sean O'Malley holds the belt as the UFC bantamweight champion of the world. From the $200K Richard Mille he bought himself when he knocked out Gervonta Davis to his endless multi-colored chains, pro boxer Sean O'Malley shows off his insane jewelry collection.

Released on 12/19/2023


You can't be into jewelry if you're broke.

And, if you are, you're stupid.

[electronic hip-hop]

Welcome to The Suga Show.

Which watch is my favorite? It's a tough one.

Depends where I'm going, what I'm doing.

Who's gonna see it, what outfit am I wearing?

So, I don't know if I have necessarily a favorite one.

Newest one would be this one.

Halloween was right around the corner,

so I had to get something, a little pumpkiny.

This iced out orange Rolex.

Need different colors for different outfits.

Happy Jewelers made it.

I actually seen something like this on Instagram,

and I just sent them, I said, I need something like this.

And, they created it for me.

Also, this beautiful pink one.

Same thing, love these,

because I've been working with them for a little while now.

When I say working with them,

I mean paying them a lot of money to get me very cool stuff.

These two pieces I really, really like.

They're just different, they're colorful, they pop,

and I like that stuff.

This piece is by far one of my favorites, this iced out AP.

This was the first watch I ever got.

It was given to me by my buddy Steve Will Doit.

Absolutely legendary weekend,

was the first time I went to Miami.

First time meeting him, he gifted me this beautiful piece.

It's by far one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

Just, it was a crazy gift, and I just love it.

It's beautiful.

I don't know if he got it for like 50,000, 60,000, 70?

I heard around there, but I, in return, gave him a,

my first Suga chain that I ever got.

It was a tiny little gold one, I put some diamonds on it.

I think it was $1,500 for the piece,

and then like a thousand dollars to add diamonds on it.

It was a smaller piece, but it was like,

it was my first one I ever bought.

So, a little bit of a price range different,

but it was very sentimental.

It was my first chain, you know, this is my humble Rolex.

This one I wear if I'm just going out,

you know, to dinner with the family.

Actually, I lie,

I wear a lot of different stuff when I'm going,

but this is my humble one.

Clean, Rolex, no diamonds, really like this one.

This one, I think, was like 15,000, something like that.

This watch, probably my favorite right now.

This is a Richard, It's like a $200,000 watch.

This one I splurged on after I knocked Joe out,

after I became champ.

I had to get myself something crazy and that's what I got.

I got a little bracelet, too.

I think this was like 15,000 something,

something along those lines.

But I had to get a little bracelet.

I've always liked the way these looked.

[sultry hip hip electronic music]

This was also gifted to me by Steve,

during the same Miami trip.

So, to get this and that watch on the same weekend,

you know, that's probably close to $100,000 in jewelry

that he gave me.

One of the most legendary weekends of my life.

I got my two little gold ones, these are like my daily ones.

When I'm in training camp,

I tend to not really wear much jewelry.

It's kind of just, you know, you gotta train twice a day,

so you gotta take it off every time.

So, and I definitely wear these probably,

the smaller gold ones, the most, or this piece.

I really like this one, it looks really good by itself.

It's a nice mix between not too much, and still look good.

This one is the big daddy one.

This is very solid, heavy gold.

This is a special occasional one.

It's a little heavy for my little skinny neck,

bringing me down a bit, but it wasn't cheap.

[chains rattle]

And, then I had to get a bunch of different colored chains,

'cause you never know what I'm gonna wear,

as far as outfit goes.

So, I had to get the blue one, you had to get a green one,

you gotta get the pink one, of course, a smaller pink one,

had to get the yellow one,

the red one goes nice with a lot of fits.

You had to get the multicolored one,

the big daddy one, multicolored little iced out one.

You gotta get the big daddy Cuban to layer it nicely.

And, that is a lot of money right there.

And, I might wear all of 'em to the Knicks game tomorrow.

[suspenseful hip-hop electronic music]

What made me get into jewelry was I started making money.

You gotta be smart with your money,

and then you can start buying jewelry.

So, I feel like I was very smart with my money, invested.

I didn't just make money, and then start buying jewelry.

I had to upgrade from the small Suga chain,

to the big Suga pendant, loved this one.

Happy Jewelry, as well.

I had to use the Suga logo, use it all, on all my clothing.

Pink's kind of like my go-to color.

When people make me stuff, or send me stuff,

pink and green kinda becomes the color.

I have a pink Lambo with green wheels,

and then the Happy Dad chain.

Shout out to the Happy Dad crew.

They gave me this chain when I partnered with them.

The first piece that I bought for myself,

other than that chain that I gave Steve,

this might've been the first one I ever bought.

Or, I think it was the Rolex that I gave my dad.

Every time I buy a piece,

I'm like, All right, I don't need anymore.

I've pretty much said that

after every time I bought any of this,

and now looking at it, definitely that's not what happened.

So, I spent a lot of money recently after the fight,

probably around $300,000 on just the couple pieces.

So, I'll probably chill for a little bit.

I need a grill, I do. I need a grill.

I'm gonna try not to buy some jewelry for a little while.

[upbeat electronic music]

Last, but not least, the biggest, the baddest of 'em all.

The UFC championship belt, very heavy.

Don't really wear the belt very often.

Just kind of sits around and looks good.

It honestly just sits in my bathtub.

We recently moved,

and I still have a lot of stuff laying around.

I haven't really done much.

Danny always yells at me.

Each time you win or defend the belt, you get a new ruby.

They add a ruby, they take out one of the diamonds,

put a little ruby in there.

These are the new UFC belts.

They used to just give you another belt

after each title defense,

but now they just add a little ruby,

which isn't nearly as cool, but I'll take it.

[rhythmic electronic music]

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