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Offset Shows Off His Tattoos

"The Takeoff piece on my back took eight hours, one session." Offset breaks down his tattoos in this episode of Tattoo Tour. The rapper started going crazy with tattoos when he was only 15-years-old. From his ten face tattoos to the portrait of his late best friend on his back, Offset shares the stories behind his ink. Director: Robby Miller Director of Photography: Francis Bernal Editor: Paul Isakson Talent: Offset Creative Producer: Arielle Neblett Line Producer: Jen Santos Production Manager: James Pipitone Production Coordinator: Tania Jones Talent Booker: Ernesto Macias Camera Operator: Bradley Wickham Sound Mixer: Rachel Suffian Production Assistant: Ashley Vidal Post Production Supervisor: Rachael Knight Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant Supervising Editor: Rob Lombardi Assistant Editor: Lauren Worona

Released on 11/29/2023


When I tatted my face,

as a grown [censored] man,

my mama slapped me.

Like, Your face too beautiful, son.

And you gon' mess it up.

And she like, You think you grown,

you think you da da da da, just 'cause you grown?

Like Mama, I'm grown as hell like.

She was mad about that [censored].

[upbeat music]

[upbeat music]

My first face tat I got was a cross.

I got that [censored] in jail too, on some crazy [censored].

Like hitting my [censored] with a like one by one, like.

Like a, you know, a charger box.

It's like something on the inside, they made it out of that.

So it just goes slow like.

That [censored] hurt so bad.

My face was big as hell when I got that [censored] done too.

And I had to get it redone 'cause it faded,

it started fading on me.

I got my daughter name on my face.

One that's big as hell on my face.

I got my son name Kody on my face.

I got an Angel playing a guitar.

I got my grandmama name on my face.

What else I got on my face?

Oh I got 100 right here.

Gotta keep it 100.


I got blessed over my eyebrow.

Yeah, I probably got like 10 on my face though.

Guwop and Lil Wayne.

First rappers I seen with face tattoo.

I was a big Guwop fan. Like Gucci fan and Wayne.

You know, Tune really gave us the game.

He was starting to hit the face crazy

and they was like, we gotta hit the face.

I'ma do that and admit that. That's no cap.

[upbeat music]

I got a hand with the globe in the inside of it

and it say the world is mine around the front.

I got my girl's name on my neck.

I got Powerpuff Girls on my neck.

It's my girl favorite cartoon little character.

I got a dove bird on my neck. That's it for the neck.

[upbeat music]

What was the first tattoo I ever got was,

well I got like a couple at one time.

Sold my Xbox.

I got my mama name, I got my grandmama name

and I got my granddaddy name

'cause I felt like when they see it, I got your name.

At least I got your name. But yeah, it was like three

of my homeboys we got tattooed.

The dude tatted us up.

He gave us enough for us to get like two, three a piece.

Names though. I started at 14 but by like 15

I started going crazy. 16.

The next big one I got, it was this big Atlanta Braves A

right here on my left arm.

That was the biggest one I got after that.

And then I just started going crazy like I was addicted.

Then, it was like [censored]

I need to get a tattoo every week.

You know you young. I was young too so I was like 15, 16.

They weren't even good either.

Like I be mad now that I got 'em so early.

I was trying to be on some cool shit really.

You know how it be.

I got my first tattoo, I'm like ooh,

And I just kept going crazy.

I got these bullshit ass alien spaceships.

It look like a 10 year old boy drew it.

I got my brother name and my older brother name

but you can't see it 'cause the ink faded.

I ain't never retouch it up.

I got a lot of bullshit.

I got the Gucci G's and they all different shapes and sizes.

They supposed to be the Gucci G's.

My homeboy stole his mama laptop, right?

And we thinking he done came up on a laptop

and when he steal laptop he sells the

laptop for the tattoos.

I'm in there talking about the laptop on the phone, like.

I think I'm talking to A-Rob, my boy A-Rob, like.

I'm like Bro we just got tatted!

He like, What y'all do?

I'm like, Yeah we had a little silver laptop man.

This man, his mama was right there.

He like, No, no, no, no!

His mama like, You stole my [censored]?!

Kicked both of us out the crib.

kicked both of us out the crib and then [censored].

I was like Bro, that's crazy bro. You set me up.

He like, Why you say something?

I'm like You stealing from your mama. It's crazy.

Yeah, that was a crazy time.

[upbeat music]

I got Virgil. RIP, my brother V man.

I got Virgil on my inner calf.

I got the movie Dead Prejudice when they got the white paint

on their face and they robbing the banks.

I got Basquiat on my right leg.

I got Malcolm X when he looking

out the window with the shotgun.

I have all my kids faces on the back of my legs.

I got five kids so I got all they

faces on the back of my legs.

I got Michael Jackson on this left leg.

I got my favorite cartoon Freakazoid.

I got Carl's dolls.

I got Takashi Murakami pillow on the kneecap.

I got the Eiffel Tower on my face

'cause my friend Paris, he got killed.

But I got his face tatted right here too though.

I got the Night Before Christmas.

That's one of my favorite movies. Tatted on my leg.

I got the demon, like the Dodge Demon

'cause I'm a big Dodge fan.

No rats!


So I got a dude, like, showing his grill

with Rolling Stone across the top.

I got Frankenstein tatted on my thigh.

Yeah. That's all the leg tats.

I got Thriller Michael Jackson right here.

This still Thriller Michael Jackson too.

But that's when he regular. So it's the transformation.

That's the good and the bad. You dig.

And then I got Scarface holding a stick

big as hell right here.

I got Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Michael Myers.

Damn, what else I got?

I got MOB across my chest.

I got a angel holding the chopper on this side

and I got like a skeleton holding a .38 special

on this side.

This was a coverup 'cause this tattoo was trash can juice.

I had like two money bags

and for the smoke, he was supposed to do smoke

but he did like some swirly [censored] between the bags.

[censored] that looked crazy.

It looked like it was some clouds.

And I got that covered up with the, with the angel,

with the stick and the skeleton with .38 special.

[imitates gunshot sound]

You got 007, also. Are you a James Bond Fan?

Yes sir.

Before I was playing Call of Duty,

I was playing 007.

[upbeat music]

So for the back piece, you know

I got my brother Take on there.

I just covered my whole back with him.

I feel like, he just got my back.

It was kind of like my message to myself.

That's with the kids too, you know.

I feel like all my [censored] meaningful though.

All my tattoos are meaningful.

I remember all the times I was getting it

and how it meant to me during the time.

I got a lot of people that mean a lot to me tatted on me.

The Takeoff piece on my back took eight hours.

One session.

Were you out for that? Like what was that experience?

I was out. I'm out for all my sessions.

You know you gotta get in that zone man.

That's a long time to be getting tatted though.

You know, I'm gonna tell you the worst pain,

most painful ones though, is the thighs.


When I got out of it, I had to go wheelchair,

couldn't really sit down.

I'm in the car like trying not to sit down.

That [censored] hurt like in the inner thighs

and it stayed swole for so long.

Like I woke up and this [censored] was just like

[imitates fire sounds]

Red, on fire.

I was scared a little bit.

I had to call the tattoo artist like, Bro!

He like, Oh yeah your, your inner thigh is

so sensitive. it ain't never doing nothing.

It don't never have no action.

The outside of your legs get action.

Lay down. Fall.

But right there it usually don't never get touched.

He's like, It's like hot water getting on your

back when you get in the shower.

So it's real sensitive.

That [censored] had my [censored] swole, though. Yeah.

I ain't gonna lie. I don't know man.

That behind that kneecap too. That [censored] hurt too

'cause the healing process hurts.

I was like trying to keep my [censored] just

straight in the bed.

Then like when you hit them legs,

it's like when you stand up,

all your blood just be rushing to the bottom.

That [censored] be hurting for a little minute.

Starring: Offset

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