The Best Chore Coats Do All the Hard Work for You

Few layers are as tough, handsome, and downright useful. These are our favorites. 
The Best Chore Coat 2023 21 Burly Layers From Buck Mason Carhartt and Ralph Lauren

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It's hard to think of a jacket more useful, more wide-ranging than a chore coat—we've been sitting at the computer for, like, 20 minutes trying to come up with one but…nada. The best chore coats really do it all. And we're not just talking about their labor-intensive origins. Whether you're an early 1900s French worker or a 2020s artist, the chore coat can tackle almost any situation and any style with aplomb. If we're talking sheer wearability, the chore coat is right up there with a plain white tee and blue jeans. So it's safe to say you'd do well to have one in your closet, especially for those days when your woefully under-caffeinated peanut of a brain just can't fire up a good outfit. For generations, all manner of dudes looking to get stuff done, from construction workers to photographers to mechanics to outdoorsmen, have turned to these storage-space-happy jackets for their durability and versatility. There's virtually no jacket better suited to everyday wear.

The Best Chore Coats Shopping Guide

Chore coats will shield you from harsh weather, save you from carrying a bag around, and are perfect for layering over everything from chinos and a T-shirt to a button-down and tailored trousers. And right now, thanks to fashion's ongoing workwear fixation, there's never been a wider range of worthwhile versions available to you. To save you a vital bit of time, we went ahead and rounded up the 23 worthiest men's chore coats on the market right now.

The OG Chore Coat

Le Mont St Michel French work jacket

If the appeal of workwear to you is all that baked-in “authenticity,” well, it doesn’t get much more authentic than this. The kind of chore jackets we're used to today were first donned by laborers in France in the late 1800s and originally dubbed bleu de travail—“worker’s blues”—for that attractive, irrefutably French shade of indigo. Not long after, in 1913, Le Mont St Michel began crafting their iconic version of the coat and has since become the de facto French chore coat brand. Over a century later, its appeal has only deepened: the roomy patch pockets and hardy construction are as practical as ever, and something in the cut and drape and color lends the OG jacket all the ease and elegance of an impeccably tailored unlined blazer. And though the inimitable French blue will always be in-style, this lush forest green colorway feels just a little more unique. It's not as common as military-favored olive drab, but is perhaps just as wearable. Jeans (obviously) and a grey hoodie, a thrashed vintage T-shirt with a pair of wide-leg khakis, some cream-white pants and a dressy button-up for some southern Italian flair—it's all fair game.

The Super Affordable Chore Coat

Red Kap lapel counter coat

Red Kap has been doling out hardwearing, affordable workwear for decades. Case in point: their lapel counter coat. The French blue is just the right shade, and it's made using a lightweight but hardy blend of polyester and cotton. At just $25 a pop, you can even get one in every non-bleu color and still pay less than some of the cheaper options on this list. Pair it with your favorite graphic tee and sneakers for a casual off-day look, or go full on cozy vibes with a hoodie, cords, and boots.

The American Classic Chore Coat

Carhartt duck chore jacket

Made with Carhartt's famed duck canvas fabric, this chore coat is as tough as they come. Think of it as a future family heirloom your great-grandkids will fight over.

The French chore coat may be the blueprint for every other chore coat, but Cahartt's Michigan jacket is an American classic that's staked its claim on the modern menswear landscape. Just ask your dad, his dad, and his dad. Hell, they probably still have one or two hanging in their closets right now. That's because the iconic piece of workwear was built like a tank with stiff cotton canvas that could only be broken down to a cozy softness through real life wear and tear. The blanket lining is super warm, the corduroy collar is perfect against the neck, and the grip of pockets means you don't really need to bring a bag with you most of the time. It's the kind of jacket that feels right at home with some full-fitting raw denim jeans with some hardy boots (workwear and all that) but can take on a cozy hoodie and luscious corduroy pants for a softer, autumnal vibe.

The Autumnally Appropriate Chore Coat

Alex Mill

Work Jacket

Alex Mill's signature work jacket boasts all the hallmarks of a classic chore coat but swaps the typical moleskin fabric for a range of tasty materials like upcycled denim, garment-dyed linen, and even Japanese denim. This fall, however, we're really feeling this fine wale corduroy that's buttery soft and the perfect weight for versatile layering. It's hefty enough to act as an overshirt on warmer fall days but can stand in as a proper jacket in cooler temps since the relaxed-but-not-sloppy fit lets layer over a thick sweater.

The Rainproof Chore Coat


Waterproof Auxiliary Overshirt

Percival's outerwear has gotten our attention in recent months for its refined balance of modern and vintage elements, and the brand's new Auxiliary Overshirt is a prime example. It's got traditional chore coat looks with inconspicuously advanced waterproof tech which means you can finally go out in the rain without looking like you're about to climb Mt. Everest. We've praised the brand's popular Sherlock coat as a great rain-ready trench and now we get to sing even more praise with this cropped cousin.

The Denimhead-Approved Chore Coat


1940s Coverall 4 Pocket Jacket

If you're looking for considered details and expert craftsmanship—without any of the extraneous capital "F" fashion stuff—this is the chore coat for you. Orslow is known for its hardcore workwear reproductions, and it doesn't get much better than this 1940s-inspired coverall jacket. It's made using Japanese selvedge denim with a subtle slubby texture, contrast stitching, patinated brass buttons, and an impeccably relaxed fit. With top-notch materials and vintage construction techniques, this piece is built to last well past the 2050s.

Plus 15 More Chore Coats We Love

Ben Davis Original style jacket

It doesn't get much grittier than Ben Davis. The real-deal workwear brand has been slingin' crunchy denim and board-stiff canvas goods to countless tradespeople for decades. In that time, it's also garnered for itself a reputation for California style. So pair this with some crisp jeans and a pair of Chucks to tap into that easy-going West Coast energy.

Carhartt WIP

Nash Jacket

It's hard to overstate the significance of Carhartt's Michigan jacket, the Nash jacket deserves some more love because of its tough, yet soft, rinsed denim, vintage accents, and spot-on silhouette.

Wallace & Barnes

Corduroy Chore Jacket

As velvety smooth and cozy as a mug of hot chocolate.

Todd Snyder

Casentino Chore Jacket

This nubby wool joint is too sumptuous for any real jobsite, but totally appropriate for when you just want to be cozy and have pockets to carry your snacks.

Karu Research

Printed Quilted Silk Chore Jacket

Karu Research's pieces display the highest degree of craftsmanship and artistry. Case in point: this mesmerizing chore jacket which is made entirely of patchworked pieces of silk, each of which is block printed by hand.

Alex Crane

Kite Jacket

Alex Crane's penchant for fine French linen is the perfect match for a classic French chore coat.

Mr P.

Shearling Chore Jacket

Hopefully you'll never need to do actual chores in weather that requires this level of heat. But if you do, this shearling number will be there for you.

Todd Snyder

Herringbone Tailored Chore Jacket

Todd Snyder's mastery of menswear means we get a tastefully tailored chore coat rendered through a suiting fabric material (a.k.a, an ideal hybrid of a garment).


Print Star-Embroidered Striped Cotton Jacket

Harago's twist on the infamous vintage Abercrombie jacket from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas features a ton of painstaking hand-embroidery which makes each piece totally unique.

And Wander

Dry Rip Technical Jacket

Because gorp guys need chore coats too.

Taylor Stitch

Ojai Jacket

Taylor Stitch's evergreen Ojai jacket comes in a ton of flavors we love, from the classic cotton twill to summer-friendly hemp-blends. This padded version is just right for the chilly fall weather with enough pockets to carry a few apples for your inevitable apple-picking adventures.
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Buck Mason

Santa Fe Dust Felted Chore Coat

In case you missed it, Robert Pattinson wore a sweater-suit to the Dior show and this is basically that, but way, way cheaper.

Engineered Garments

Herringbone Jacket

Yes, this is technically not a chore coat. But hunting jackets and chore coats may as well be fraternal twins and who can deny this chunky herringbone jacket over a technicality?

Stan Ray

Coverall Jacket

Classic workwear hickory stripes and old-school metal buttons? Plop on the raw denim and work boots!

Red Kap blended duck chore coat

Beefier, warmer, and with even more pockets than Red Kap's basic option.