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Bright Lights, Fast City: a Vegas Native Makes Sense of His City's Formula 1 Era

The Las Vegas Grand Prix was devised to be the wildest, most over-the-top event to hit the Strip in years. We sent one of the city's own to help us interpret the spectacle.
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The Man Who Broke Bowling

The Controversial King of Hardcore Climbing

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Buddy the Elf Could Have Been the Greatest Relief Pitcher Ever

Yes, Elf is a Christmas classic. But it’s also a pretty killer audition reel for big-league bullpens.

How the Eternally Chill Mikal Bridges Became a Cold-Blooded NBA Assassin

The Nets' lanky forward is charming New Yorkers with his low-key demeanor and next-level skill. Can he help Brooklyn reclaim New York hoops supremacy?

This Was the Year the Transfer Conquered College Football

It's been building for years, but in 2023 the transfer wave hit a new peak—and showed that players have more power than ever.

Dan Orlovsky, the Weirdo King of ESPN, Is Now the Lovable Face of Football Media

The one-of-a-kind analyst had a forgettable playing career before turning to TV, where his football knowledge is matched only by his wacky opinions and behavior. After spending a day at work with him, it’s clear that nobody else could even attempt to do it like Dan.

The New Jersey Joy of Tommy DeVito

The New York Giants' Italian-American QB isn't giving me hope, exactly—but he's given us Giants fans something almost better: full-on Tommy Mania.

Toronto Raptors Rookie Gradey Dick on Getting to Know Drake and That Draft Night Suit

Chopping it up with the NBA freshman, who's still working on his Canadian slang.

Meet the Host of the American Soccer Show That Europeans Love

Kate Abdo anchors coverage of the Champions League—and, along with the glittering ex-pros on her studio panel, has become a global star in football media.

Shohei Ohtani’s Wild New Contract Is a Great Reminder That Moving Sucks

In picking the Dodgers, the biggest free agent in baseball history got ludicrously paid. He also doesn’t have to move any of his stuff, which rules.

Jaime Jaquez Jr. on Becoming the Breakout Rookie of This NBA Season

The Miami Heat hooper talks about his Mexican-American heritage, his welcome to the NBA moment, and waiting on Peso Pluma to drop his name in a song.

How the NBA's Great Insult Artists Outlasted a Moral Panic and Normalized Talking Trash

As the NBA boomed in the ‘90s, smack talk became a problem. Here’s how players solved it.

This Was the Year of the Sports Himbo

The sports world never lacks for attractive airheads, but something about 2023 really brought them to the forefront. From the gridiron to the golf course, Miami to Manchester, himbo season never stopped.

Ryan Clark Is as Good as Football Media Gets. He's Still Not Sure TV Is for Him

The former Steelers safety and breakout analyst talks about the secret to staying sane doing four shows a day, the inevitability of being wrong on TV, and his plans to run a team.

The 11 Best Signature Basketball Shoes of 2023

From technical marvels to street-ready kicks, these are the best sneakers we saw on the court in the NBA and the WNBA this year.

Jordan Poole is Exactly What the NBA Needs Right Now

The league’s least inhibited player is a great reminder that basketball is supposed to be fun.

Is Cam Thomas the NBA’s Next Great Scorer?

The Brooklyn Nets guard on learning from All-NBA teammates and getting buckets.

On the Road With The Bachelor Host Jesse Palmer, Who's Only Home 50 Days a Year

The QB-turned-TV fixture juggles Xs and Os, time zones, and rose ceremonies.

Adidas Is Teasing a New Era for the Iconic Predator Soccer Boot

The boot made famous by David Beckham, Steven Gerrard and Zinedine Zidane turns 30 next year—and Liverpool star Trent Alexander-Arnold is helping with the rollout.

Inside the NFL's Ping-Pong Wars

Want to improve your NFL team's chemistry? Put a ping-pong table in the locker room. Losing streak? Take it away. In pro football, table tennis is the game within the game.

The Story Behind NHL Star Matt Duchene’s Viral Carhartt Suit

The Dallas Stars center has been strutting into arenas in a custom duck brown two-piece—complete with the Detroit workwear stalwart’s iconic leather patch.

There Is Crying in Baseball—and Every Other Sport, Too

On the importance of shedding tears for your favorite player or team.