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The 2023 GQ Grooming Awards

Clear your bathroom counter: We tested hundreds of new grooming goods—buzzy fragrances, cutting-edge shavers, A-list-approved hair creams—to help you waltz into your handsomest era yet.

Why Eyebrow Piercings Are Everywhere Right Now

Thanks to ‘Saltburn’ and Gen Z's obsession with Y2K style, the nu metal staple is back in a big way.

These Are the 11 Best Mustache Styles for Every Guy

Pencil? Handlebar? Walrus? One of these mustache styles will work for you.

How to Handle Your Wet Hair the Right Way

Take a pro's advice on what to do—and what not to do—to your mane before and after the shower.

Daniel Craig’s Floppy Post-Bond Haircut Has the Internet Talking

The famously clean-cut star has begun sporting a looser, longer, divisive new 'do.

Here's How to Get a Healthier, Happier Scalp

From a better shampoo to the right SPF, your scalp could use a little TLC.

The Best Shavers Make for Smooth Sailing

Whether you prefer electric or razor, glass-smooth or Statham-stubbly, we've found the best shavers for your dome.

The 15 Skincare Products Every Runner Needs

Undo miles and miles of chafed nips, giant callouses, and sweat-saturated skin.

The Best Aesop Deals We Could Track Down for Cyber Monday

We've found discounts up to 30% off the brand's skincare products, cleansers, colognes, and more.

Your 4-Step Skincare Upgrade for Looking Forever Young

A minimalist plan for making sure your mug shines bright.

Smell Good

Hey, Bud—Want a Free Bottle of Cologne?

Treat yourself to a year's worth of the GQ Box and score an exquisite winter scent, on the house.

The Best Tobacco Colognes Are Meant to Inhaled

Take a big drag of warmth, sexiness, and bravado.

The Best Musk Colognes Are More Than Just Horny

They're sexy and primal, sure, but still elegant.

If You Only Buy One Thing Today, Make It These Absurdly Cheap Whitening Strips

Smile, handsome: We found the best Cyber Monday bargain of all.

The Best Leather Colognes Have Real Swagger

They bring the heat and the cool.

These 9 Spicy Colognes Aren't Shy

A spicy scent can be sexy, or playful, or mysterious. But it always gets attention.

The Right Way to Prevent Razor Bumps and Ingrown Hairs

If shaving's doing a number on your skin, here's how to beat back the bumps.

Deion Sanders’ Coolest Move Yet? Growing This Glorious Gray Beard

Coach Prime is rising fast in the silver fox power rankings.

These Vitamin C Serums Are Your Skincare Secret Weapons

One little letter, so many skin-soothing, wrinkle-smoothing, toxin-defying benefits.

The Best Back Shavers Go Where No Other Groomer Can

Because you can't forget to mow the backyard.

The Best Bath Towels to Replace Your Old Moldy Shower Rags

Ultra-plush and quick-drying to make your next shower a little more luxe.

The 10 Best Hair Clippers for DIY Buzz Cuts and Shape-Ups

Buzz it all off or just clean yourself up. 

This Simple Ingredient Is the Biggest Cheat Code in Skin Care

It smooths, soothes, hydrates, and repairs—here's how niacinamide works, plus a few of the best products that use it.

The Absolute Best Colognes For Men—and Anyone Else Who Wants to Smell a Little More Handsome

From brand-new releases to time-tested classics, these are our favorite scents on the market.

The Best Manscaping Groomers Will Clean You Up Anywhere You Need 

When it comes to head-to-toe hair removal, a regular old trimmer won't cut it.

The Best Beard Oils for Softer, Smoother Scruff

Tame your stubborn facial hair while nourishing the skin beneath it all.

10 Rules for a Better Beard

Every guy has a unique combo of hair growth, texture, and jawline—here’s what actually works, no matter what you’re working with.

15 Scalp-Stimulating Shampoos for Guys with Thinning Hair

If these don't work, shave your head and grow a beard.

The Best Shampoo Bars Will Make You Forget the Bottle

Do yourself a solid and switch to a shampoo that lasts longer, travels more easily, and cleans your hair as well as the goopy stuff.

The Best Nose Hair Trimmers for Highly Presentable Nostrils 

Put down the tweezers—it's smarter to trim your schnoz.