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Year in Review

To close out the year, GQ is revisiting the most fascinating ideas, trends, people, and projects of 2023.

Timothée Chalamet Is GQ’s Most Stylish Man of the Year, as Voted by You

The Wonka star capped off a rollicking year of red-carpet mastery with a major W.

This Was the Year Massachusetts Was (Almost) Ready For Its Closeup

A year's worth of Bay State-set dramas, comedies, and even an ironic slasher film explored the repressed emotions of a state built to contain them.

This Was the Year That Weight Loss Drugs Showed They Are Here to Stay

2023 proved that, while we might not be ready for drugs like Ozempic, they’re not going anywhere.

This Was the Year the Transfer Conquered College Football

It's been building for years, but in 2023 the transfer wave hit a new peak—and showed that players have more power than ever.

This Was the Year of Obsessing Over Longevity

2023 saw celebrities, influencers, and ordinary people take big steps in order to live a longer, healthier life.

This Was the Year Gay Sex Onscreen Got Really Good

From streaming sensations like Red, White & Royal Blue to prestige films like All of Us Strangers, gay intimacy was suddenly everywhere on film and TV this year.

This Was the Year of Breathing Through Our Noses

How mouth breathing became wellness enemy number one.

This Was the Year Nicotine Made a Big Comeback

The addictive chemical resonated with both biohackers and analog cig-blasters in 2023.

In 2023, Men Started Dressing Up Again

This was the year menswear's wild-style era gave way to a new strain of swaggering, romantic elegance.

The Year We Realized Any Alcohol Is Bad for You

Unfortunately, this reading material wallops your idea of how many bottles of wine are appropriate for holiday dinners.

Tim Heidecker's Top Five Favorite Things of 2023, Including the Movie He Knew He Was Going to Love Because People Hated It

The Office Hours Live host picks his films, song, podcast and novel of the year.

This Was the Year Emma Stone Could Do Anything, and Did

She was already an Oscar-winning actor, but in 2023, Stone brought her talent and her clout to risky, unique projects, taking big swings and connecting every time.

This Was the Year Jenna Lyons Brought Real Style to Reality TV

The former J.Crew president redefined Real Housewives and gave us something worth aspiring to again.

In 2023, Nobody Looked Cooler in Menswear Than Women

This was the year famous gals beat the guys at their own game—namely, wearing the hell out of structured suits, rugged coats, and gleaming dress shoes.

Amy Sedaris' Top Five Favorite Things of 2023, Including the Documentary That Sent Her Down a George Michael Rabbit-Hole

Bonus: Four additional things, because choosing five is impossible.

Bowen Yang's Favorite Video-Game Things of 2023, Including the Vampire-Elf That Made Every Gamer Think, “I Can Fix Him”

The Saturday Night Live star reveals the outer-borough representation, fantasy F-bombs, and emotional endings that defined his year in gaming.

This Was the Year Famous Guys Started Dressing for Attention

To be a Hollywood star in 2023, it’s not enough to simply be recognized as a legitimate performer. You also need to garner adoration and headlines for looking cool offscreen—which is why male celebrities are finally taking fashion seriously.