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Inside Men of the Year 2023

GQ's celebrating the most influential people driving the culture with its Men of the Year issue. Check out the cover stars, and tune in November 16 to see the biggest fits and exclusive behind-the-scenes content from the biggest menswear moment of the year as the Men of the Year party kicks off in LA.


Taylor Swift Stepped Out in a Sick New Balance Collab

The megastar proved her sneakerhead credentials in NYC.

This Was the Year Famous Guys Started Dressing for Attention

To be a Hollywood star in 2023, it’s not enough to simply be recognized as a legitimate performer. You also need to garner adoration and headlines for looking cool offscreen—which is why male celebrities are finally taking fashion seriously.

The Best Watches of 2023

From affordable Seikos to artisanal pieces covered in “dragon scales,” these are GQ’s favorite watches of the year.

The Real-Life Diet of Barry’s CEO Joey Gonzalez, Who Does 200 Minutes of Cardio and 500 Minutes of Strength Training a Week

A 40-gram protein shake before and after he works out, breakfast with his kids each morning, and candy at the movies. Here's how the Barry's CEO eats.

Can a Very Fit Human Run 25 Miles Faster Than a Horse?

GQ wellness columnist Joe Holder competed in the Man Against Horse race in Prescott, Arizona to find out.

This Was the Year of Getting Enough Sleep

As rates of insomnia rise, we turned to Oura Rings, Andrew Huberman, and sleep travel to help us catch the right amount of ZZZs.

Want To Drink Drink Booze and Still Sleep Well? Experts Say There Is a Way

Imbibing in a few adult beverages before happy hour has been recognized as a sign of poor health and problem drinking, but what if we’ve had things backward all along?

With Fellow Travelers, Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey Tell an Epic Gay Love Story Decades in the Making

An afternoon in the West Village with the stars of this year’s horniest historical epic as they talk divas, dreams, Catholic guilt and gay liberation.

This Was the Year Emma Stone Could Do Anything, and Did

She was already an Oscar-winning actor, but in 2023, Stone brought her talent and her clout to risky, unique projects, taking big swings and connecting every time.

They Made My Novel Into a Movie Starring Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke and Mahershala Ali. My Kids Were Not Impressed

Last spring, director Sam Esmail asked Rumaan Alam and his family to make a cameo appearance in his film adaptation of Alam’s book ‘Leave the World Behind.’ Alam said yes, expecting to give his sons a memorable day—but didn’t anticipate what they’d end up remembering about it.

Buddy the Elf Could Have Been the Greatest Relief Pitcher Ever

Yes, Elf is a Christmas classic. But it’s also a pretty killer audition reel for big-league bullpens.

This Was the Year the Transfer Conquered College Football

It's been building for years, but in 2023 the transfer wave hit a new peak—and showed that players have more power than ever.

Dan Orlovsky, the Weirdo King of ESPN, Is Now the Lovable Face of Football Media

The one-of-a-kind analyst had a forgettable playing career before turning to TV, where his football knowledge is matched only by his wacky opinions and behavior. After spending a day at work with him, it’s clear that nobody else could even attempt to do it like Dan.

The New Jersey Joy of Tommy DeVito

The New York Giants' Italian-American QB isn't giving me hope, exactly—but he's given us Giants fans something almost better: full-on Tommy Mania.